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Thanks, I'm am trying to work with what I have and use it as a learning process as to what works for me and what doesn't. I figure that way, when I buy new things or have them made for me I am more aware of what I want/will fit me right and I can reduce the amount of tailoring needed.
Hi guys, I need more colour help. What colour tie and shirt would go best with the jacket pictured below? (part of a suit but I just put the jacket on to get some guidance) I'm thinking blue, green, grey, maybe purple??
Thought I would update my earlier post. I took the sport coat from Brooks Brothers in to have work done. I had the sleeves shortened, shoulders narrowed, waist supressed and the material under the collar removed. It's not perfect, but I think an improvement. I'm happy with it. Here is the before And after Here is another suit I have from my brothers wedding years ago. (just wearing the jacket). Same issues I think as before. Too long, sleeves need shortening. waist...
I haven't got an extra cable yet but will be picking one up as I don't think I will remember to carry one back and forth all the time. Usually, I like to stream internet radio when I'm in the office. Today, without listening to any music and I'm at 50% battery. I don't think I'd last the day without an extra cable.
Since I'm in Canada, what's the best way to find out what seconds are available and pricing on them?
Thanks for the reply's guys. I went and tried on a pair of 8D Strands yesterday at lunch. They felt like they fit through most of the shoe except at the toes. There was about an inch of space between my big toe and the eno of the shoe. In my Dalton's there is only about half an inch space. The store didn't have a 7.5 for me to try on so I'll have to find somewhere else that carries them to compare the two sizes.
Can anyone help me with the sizing difference between the 1 last and the 5 last? I have the Dalton boot in an 8D and would like to pick up a pair of Fifth Avenue when the sale is on. Thanks
I'm the same height. So close to 6'
Oxford Cloth Buttondown.Think of your typical Polo buttondown shirt.
It took me a long time to settle on engineering so So I think I still would end up there. It would, however, have been nice to have figured it out a little bit earlier in life and got my career started sooner.
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