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I've been using the BKL8 by Kent for years now and really like it.
Very impressed with AE tonight. I ordered my pair of Fifth Avenue a week ago Wednesday. When I called the SA said they didn't have any in my size and that they would have to be made. He gave me a time frame of about 2 to 3 weeks to be made. When I got home from work tonight my brand new shoes were waiting for me on the kitchen table. I had ordered shoe trees as well which haven't arrived yet but I'm very impressed with the time it took to get the shoes.
Thank you. This will be a huge help.
I have the same issues you do with a drop of anywhere between 9 and 11 inches and I also have a bubble butt. Adding all these aspects together makes it quite challenging to fit a jacket properly. If one of the resident tailors doesn't pop in here you could try cross-posting in this thread. (I have a couple of posts around #1800) I have a 42R BB sport coat that needed the same type of alterations you do. I had the shoulders taken in, waist suppressed, roll at the bottom...
^ Very nice. I think those will be my next purchase.
Lol. I'm saddened that I know what you're talking about. I'm even more saddened that I know it should be Edward and not Edgar.
In the handful of forums I regularly read there are multiple instances where people don't use a/an correctly. I'm not surprised that it carries over to every day life.
Thanks for the feedback a tailor.For the m2m, I may have the shoulders brought in slightly, if possible, as I still think they are a bit wide, and also have the sleeves shortened about 1/4". Everything else I'm happy with.The BB SC, i agree is too tight across the butt. I should get it let out across there and maybe open the quarters a bit. I'll take the m2m in with me to reference how it fit's across my butt.The wedding suit will have the same altrations done as the SC.I...
Just ordered a pair of the Fifth Avenue in Burnished Brown with shoe trees I went into a local store that carried Allen Edmonds and tried on the Park Avenue in a 7.5D and an 8D. The 8D was great in width but too long in length. In the 7.5D I had the opposite problem, great in length but a bit tight in width. I talked to the people at Allen Edmonds and they told me that the 7.5E would be 3/16 wider than the 8D. That should be perfect for me. I called up Shoe bank but they...
^ Thanks harvey, that helps quite a bit.
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