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Can anyone provide feedback on either the Cadet jacket or Fatigue Jacket? Fit? Details? I want to take advance of the 30% outerwear deal. Thanks in advance.
Just saw some of this stuff in a magazine at the japanese book store. Is there anywhere in North America where I can get this toggle cardigan? http://item.rakuten.co.jp/explorer/2109070009/ Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by timmy0121 I bought the olive ones too and they look very similar to these pics. The blue is very misleading- I even called them to make sure they had the right colorway advertised. I'll probably end up returning the navy ones. Can you post pics of the olive ones? Thinking about grabbing those, and I would like to see the true color before purchase. Thanks in advance.
Has anyone placed a sterling order recently? What is the turnaround time for a peacoat? Its getting really cold. Thanks.
I want to pickup a pair of 3sixteen jeans, but waiting to see what the 3sixteen plus project is. Any more details on that?
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Even a 2.75" tie is way too wide for the Ludlow lapels. Plan on buying the Ludlow and wearing it with some sort of skinny tie to a wedding next weekend. It fits off the rack quite well.
Any working promotions with % off and free shipping? Thanks.
I will look into the AEs. If they have them at Nordstorm, I think a friend can get me a 30% discount will bring the price in my ballpark. Based on a quick google search, only thing is they might be a little too pointy shaped. I will have to check them out in person. Anyone have the Florsheim Kenmoors with feedback? Thanks all for replies.
Looking for a pair of reasonably priced wingtip dress shoes with a budget of $200 or less. Did some research and came upon some options. Anyone have recommendations of any? I really like the Florsheim Kenmoor ($225), a little more than what I want to pay, but might bite the bullet on them. http://www.zappos.com/florsheim-kenm...tage-calf-wine Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Thanks for the recommendation, but it is out of my budget at the moment.
New Posts  All Forums: