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Anyone pick up any of the Carhartt stuff? Thinking about grabbing a chambray, anyone know how they fit? Thanks.
Is there anywhere I can even try on a Baker or Bedford in SF?! Looking for olive wool or herringbone options.
Hopefully, SF will get a preview sale for the OCBD and cashmere sweaters!
Any restocks on pin dot shirts in the near future? That was fast!
Does anyone if the blue or grey pindot is still available somewhere in small?
Anyone know where I can get some olive green(darker shade) chinos?
I think it designed to be worn as an overshirt/jacket? Is it still too big in that regard? Thinking of grabbing it myself....
Would the christy sole be a possibility, as originally pictured?
How do the oxfords fit? I did a search but doesnt seem to be a clear answer. TTS or Extra Slim? Thanks!
how do the sweatshirts fit compared to AA stuff? Im terrible at measuring stuff......Thanks! argh, no grey color!
New Posts  All Forums: