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I think it designed to be worn as an overshirt/jacket? Is it still too big in that regard? Thinking of grabbing it myself....
Would the christy sole be a possibility, as originally pictured?
How do the oxfords fit? I did a search but doesnt seem to be a clear answer. TTS or Extra Slim? Thanks!
how do the sweatshirts fit compared to AA stuff? Im terrible at measuring stuff......Thanks! argh, no grey color!
Got a quilted down vest couple weeks ago; a little pricey, but was decent price after student discount. Fit is nice, and nice for layering under jackets as well. Their prices have def gone up quite a bit.
Does anyone know if the waist of UNIS chinos fit true to the Dockers Alphas? Thanks!
I'm thinking of grabbing a pair of Thorogood Epaulet boots; any feedback? fit? Im debating these vs the Wolverine 1000 Miles. Thanks.
Can anyone recommend a good shoe cobbler in San Francisco that can resole with the Vibram Christy sole? Looking to get this done soon, Thanks!
Price Lowered!
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