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Thanks all! I'll try all your recs and see what works the best. If not, worst thing would be to return.
Do you use the superfeet insole? any feedback on those? I did a quick google search and it seems many folks like them. Thanks.Thanks. I'll give it some more time....I noticed it at Nordstrom when I tried it on, but thought it would flatten out with more wear. They said if it doesn't just bring them back.I wear a lot of uniqlo socks that is cotton blend I think. I have some wool socks, but not a lot since I live in CA.
Yes, the heel pad on the end of the boot that cuts off half way. Is that common? Its more annoying on the left boot.
I wouldn't say raised since its only a half insole, but the part where the half insole ends causes me discomfort. Maybe it will flatten out with more wear, since they are still pretty new boots.
Thanks!The comfort is fine for the boots, so i don't really need an insole. The stock leather half insole seems raised and causes slight discomfort while wear. Maybe it will flatten out during the break-in period, but I was thinking a thin insole would be a quick fix. Any feedback on this?
Can anyone recommend a good thin insole for the 1000K boots? I don't want anything too bulky that will make the boot too tight when wearing. Any links to purchase would be awesome. Thanks!
I don't own the HB Bedford, but tried it on and I would say it fits larger than other Bedford models. It seems to have more room in the shoulder area; I sized up to Med on my Bedford from FW12, but would buy my TTS small in the HB Bedford.
I have a skinny fit pair from few years ago and they are still my favorite jeans I ever had. I tried many other jean brands from apc to ironheart, etc, but the gap still has the best fit for me. The current fit and denim used seem different from past models, does anyone know a similar brand of jean that has the similar fit to the skinny model?
Anyone spotted 36S Harris tweed blazers around on sale?
Anyone with the twill utility shirt have any feedback? Thinking of grabbing one with that deal.
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