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If anyone wants to part with a 8.5 or 9 in the Black or Navy color Vans, please lmk.
So the EG Vans Slip-ons fit .5 bigger than regular Van Slip-Ons? I'm wearing a 9 in the regulars now and wondering if I should go for a 8.5.
Anyone with the EG Workaday Utility Jacket comment on the sizing? From the measurements, it looks like it fits big, but I'm always hesitate to size down. Thanks!
Anyone know a US stock list that has the EG Workaday Utility Jacket in olive sateen in size XS? Wanted one last season,but never got around to it. Thx!
Thx! Tough one....Will you be shipping any Mercers to the SF stock lists this season?
Some sizing advice: If I wear L in the Villain Hoody and M in the classic crew tshirt; what size would you guys recommend in the Mercer tank (looking for comfortable fit rather than tight)? Thank you!
I would call Moscot in NYC directly and ask them about sizing. Buying glasses online is difficult because it something that should be tried on first. I'm sure they have a return/exchange policy if it doesn't work out. Hate to break it to you, but you will not look like Johnny Depp even with his glasses. Pick what size works best for you and your face.
Thanks!I agree the shoulders and pit is pretty good, but the length everywhere else is drappy. I understand that its more of a relaxed fit but I'm not that tall, so the shirt does look quite big overall. I'm curiously about the XS fit, but can't find anywhere with one that has a refund policy if it doesn't work out. Bummers because the fabric and quality is so on point.
First try at shirts....Opinion on fit of this HB workshirt size small? Do the shirts shrink much? Normally a small true to size, but thinking of sizing down to XS. I wear medium in Bedfords. Thx in advance!
Any shop with the Herringbone Stripe work shirt with a good return policy if it doesn't fit? Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: