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I have a skinny fit pair from few years ago and they are still my favorite jeans I ever had. I tried many other jean brands from apc to ironheart, etc, but the gap still has the best fit for me. The current fit and denim used seem different from past models, does anyone know a similar brand of jean that has the similar fit to the skinny model?
Anyone spotted 36S Harris tweed blazers around on sale?
Anyone with the twill utility shirt have any feedback? Thinking of grabbing one with that deal.
Anywhere with a size XS red/navy Miner shirt still available? I know I'm late. Thank you!
Thanks guys for the info!
Anyone know how the bucket hats fit? I have a big head (7 5/8) and wondering if the L will be big enough? Thank you!
If I'm local, would it be possible for me to visit the offices to try on shirts, jeans? thanks!
Do you know how they fit compare to Uniqlo Slim fit oxfords? Did you stay TTS? Thanks!
The Huckberry x TS Explorer shirts look rad! Looks to be heavyweight and durable. Is it the same fit?
Is there still anywhere to get the Vans besides Ebay? Bummed I missed out.
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