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Hoping for another drop of the Vans so I have another chance =/
Anyone know the pricing on these bags from NNY?
Would it be possible to do fitted sizes instead of adjustable?
Is the Rust Yosemite the same color as last years Red? From the pic, it looks to be kind of orange-ish color? Thank you!
Any idea on when the Yosemite shirts are dropping? Will it be a workshop item or a regular drop? Thanks!
Anyone with experience with the Hooded Interliners? Is the one size big enough for most sizes? Thanks!
W+H Pinstripe Hoodie Color: Black/grey pinstripes Size: Large (Classic Fit) Condition: Worn once when purchase 6-7 years ago and since has been in storage. Perfect condition. Price: $50 SHIPPED in the USA. Older issue of W+H hoodies; very high quality. Made in Canada. Measurements: P2P: 21.5" Length: 28.2" Shoulder: 19" Sleeve: 27" Please contact for international shipping rates. Thank you!
^ You have the option of hitting up Nepenthes NYC directly for any order requests if you know what you want. Their service is excellent on the phone and email. Obviously, that doesn't beat going to a brick & mortar and touching and trying on stuff, but an option.
I have the jcrew chambray work shirt and its a nice shirt especially if you can get it at discount (jcrew runs discounts all the time). It has a good weight, feel, and a good shade. Personally, Jcrew Slim fits me better than RRL shirts and as far as quality, it is pretty similar. Additionally, its quite durable and washes well, but obviously doesn't have the clout as RRL.
Thanks folks!
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