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Tried on the herringbone Bedford.....Did they change the fit of the jackets? Small seems a bit roomier than past seasons, maybe because they removed the lining in the body?
Price Lowered!
How do Bedford jackets generally fit? Is it recommended to size up? Thanks in advance!
Anyone with the F/W Bedford Jacket Navy Uniform Serge yet? Thanks!
FOR SALE: GANT RUGGER BOUQUET GARNI M65 Jacket Size: Small Condition: Brand New with tags attached. Price: $100 SHIPPED (Retail $390) Details: Classic M65 by Gant Rugger with floral lining. Made in Turkey. Payment: Paypal Only. Please PM for any questions or if you need additional pictures. Ebay References available upon request.
FOR SALE: RRL Blue Oxford Buttondown Size: Small Condition: Brand New with tags attached (direct from RL) 100% Authentic Price: $100 SHIPPED IN THE US OR BEST OFFER. Details: Classic blue OCBD by RRL. Mother of pearl buttons with slim fit. One of the better OCBD choices out there. Payment: Paypal only. Please PM for questions and if you need additional pics. Ebay references available upon request. Pics:
Wish there was a size small available somewhere on sale!
Anyone with the Bedford whipcord jacket, can you give feedback on how warm the jacket is? I live in SF, and its generally 50-60 year around. This jacket seems a bit thin. Thanks!
TTS 9, Desert Boots 8.5/ Vans 8.5. The toe box area is tight. If you're interested, lmk.Sorry for the buy/sell spam.
Recieved the Thorogood boots and they are too small......bummers
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