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Folks with the CPO shirt: Does the itchy wool go away with wear? I plan to wear it as a over shirt and with just a tshirt but the wool is quite itchy after initially try-on. Thx in advance!
I have a pretty much brand new black yosemite from couple seasons back in small if anyone is interested. I can let go for a good price. The black watch one is pretty slick!
The tennis trainer is my first epaulet item and they are awesome! I will be wearing them with EG, TOJ to my beat up Clipse t-shirt I got from their show.
Is this a upcoming flannel worn under the moto jacket? Looks nice!
Hey Mike, any new updates on the restock of the white tennis trainers? Many thanks!
Edit: SOLD.
I've read the sizing advice posts but another question on the Tennis Trainer sizing: I'm a TTS 9, but wear size 8 in Chucks and size 8.5 in Vans Authentics. Both are good fits with socks. Don't own any purcells. Also, a while back I ordered the Epaulet x Thorogood horsehide boot in 8.5 and it was way too snug. Should I go 8.5 or 9 in the trainers? Thanks!
Is the white tennis trainer restock coming in the near future? Thanks in advance!
Do these fit like standard Converse chucks? I slept on these and looking for a navy size 8.
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