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Is this Daisy print available in a shirt?
Eat: Dim Sum- HK Lounge Banh Mi-Saigon Sandwich Corner store sandwich - Roxies on San Jose Ave, Arguello Market Jewish Deli-Millers East Coast Burrito: El Farolito, Papalote, Cancun Southern: Brendas in TL, Meat n Three on Divisadero Chinese: San Tung, So Dumplings: Shanghai dumping king Ramen: Waraku in Japantown Pizza: Little star, Golden Boy, Tonys Bakery: Devils Teeth Sushi: Saru, An Sushi for omakase Coffee: Blue Bottle Hayes, Trouble Coffee, Sightglass Ice Cream:...
Weird.....All my Bedfords from past seasons are Medium and I tried on the HB this season and the Small fit me better. The Medium was huge to the fact I couldn't even wear it.
Anyone pick up the Tweed Bedford comment on the fit compared to the Herringbone Bedford from this season? Any sizing advice? The measurements online seem to be all over the place.
Any stock list in the US still with the Grey Tweed Bedford in stock (Small) with a good return/refund policy?
I have a Grey Homespun Bedford (~FW12?) Size Medium. I am thinking of unloading. Purchased from another SF member and never worn myself and only worn a few times by previous seller. It is in perfect condition, no rips, tears, stains. Pics to follow, if anyone is interested. Stock pics:
Any more pics of the tweed, when you get a chance? por favor?
Not sure if this has been answered already, but: Will there be a return of the Suiting wool MA-1?
I have a pretty much brand new black yosemite from couple seasons back in small if anyone is interested. I can let go for a good price. The black watch one is pretty slick!
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