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Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet What kind of frames are those? Nice.
Contact: jwong108@gmail.com Iron Heart Model 634S Size: 30 x 34 Condition: Brand New, Never worn. Original tags attached. Price: $260 SHIPPED in the United States. Details: Purchased from Self Edge San Francisco, 100% Authentic. Straight leg 21 oz heavy denim, Selvedge Measurements: Waist:29.8 Inseam: 34 Thigh: 11.3 Leg Opening: 8.3 Rise: 10.2 Pics: (More upon request)
I want the red knit cap as well. I think I'm going to try an order one directly off the website.
^ I think it fits good. I sent you a PM with a few questions when you get a chance.
Really upset I missed this. If anyone decides to do a 2nd round, I'll take one.
^ Its probably the geometry of the piece and the filters being used. Im not exactly sure, Ive had it a handful of times and it tasted great.
Quote: ^^Ah, you beat me to it! I was going to suggest the Chemex system to all the french pressers. If Kiya ever sees this thread, he's an advocate of it (although it is a more involved process, you can't just set it and walk away Had coffee out of Chemex system from a local roaster (Sightglass in SF). Its excellent. I haven't decide to get one yet because I can't use it during the week such I'm already in a rush in the mornings. I will...
Dont know if this japanese link has been posted, but some good detailed pics of the colors. http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/jalana...wear/raku.html Going for a oxford grey this week!
Quote: Originally Posted by SLeiber32 Just got my 32R today. 34" true chest size and it fits pretty well. Little bit snugger than I would like with a thick hoodie underneath but don't really like the way a hoodie looks under the jacket anyway so it will be fine for sweaters and crew neck sweatshirts and everything. Will try to get some fit pics up later. Thanks for all the help everyone! How long did they take to ship? Thinking about ordering...
I have that scarf and it really nice. Great price too.
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