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Anyone know where I can get some olive/dark green chinos? Slim fit ~7.5-7.7 hem. I like the waders but I need a size 31 and everywhere seems to be soldout.
Any stores with brown/deck sole chukkas in stock? Dont want to wait 2+ months for a pair.
Will there be a restock on the Selfedge 3sixteen + jeans, or are they discontinued? The fit on the straight leg was what I was looking for. Thanks.
Anyone have experience with these? Are they slim? Looking for hem under 8". Thanks. http://us.dockers.com/product/index....entPage=family
Anyone have experience with the shirts in the dryer? Do they shrink up a lot?
Anyone know where the blue chambray is still available? Thanks.
I like their cardigan sweaters, but they are overpriced at retail price. All their stuff usually goes on pretty good discount. I picked up couple sweaters this season for about 30-40%. Also, if you have a student ID, I think its 15% off your purchase. Also, their stuff fits a lot better than jcrew for me.
thanks for all the cleaning solutions! I went ahead and cleaned it with a smooth cotton towel and hot water and it seems like it worked pretty well.
Anyone know the best solution to clean a pair of beeswax boots with beer/alcohol stains, without damaging the leather and color? I like the distressed look, however, the stains are quite sticky.
^ Check out Suzu inside the mall, or Tanpopo. Personally, I like Suzu more. You can try Nopa or Little Star for dinner on Divisadero Street, which is like a neighborhood over heading toward the Haight.
New Posts  All Forums: