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More pics of the Rod Lavers? Does it come with a box? thanks.
price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. This is going be random...but Lol nice avatar...you like Pho? hahaha. Love Pho, but love sriracha hot sauce more than that. Its great with non-asian food as well. I put it on everything from eggs to burritos to pizza. Should be a restaurant standard like Tabasco. Looked like Cutler & Gross. Need a pair. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet What kind of frames are those? Nice.
Contact: jwong108@gmail.com Iron Heart Model 634S Size: 30 x 34 Condition: Brand New, Never worn. Original tags attached. Price: $260 SHIPPED in the United States. Details: Purchased from Self Edge San Francisco, 100% Authentic. Straight leg 21 oz heavy denim, Selvedge Measurements: Waist:29.8 Inseam: 34 Thigh: 11.3 Leg Opening: 8.3 Rise: 10.2 Pics: (More upon request)
I want the red knit cap as well. I think I'm going to try an order one directly off the website.
^ I think it fits good. I sent you a PM with a few questions when you get a chance.
Really upset I missed this. If anyone decides to do a 2nd round, I'll take one.
^ Its probably the geometry of the piece and the filters being used. Im not exactly sure, Ive had it a handful of times and it tasted great.
Quote: ^^Ah, you beat me to it! I was going to suggest the Chemex system to all the french pressers. If Kiya ever sees this thread, he's an advocate of it (although it is a more involved process, you can't just set it and walk away Had coffee out of Chemex system from a local roaster (Sightglass in SF). Its excellent. I haven't decide to get one yet because I can't use it during the week such I'm already in a rush in the mornings. I will...
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