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Love Marc Jacobs cologne when I use it. Also, a fan of John Varvatos original. I use old spice deodorant on a daily, and I love the scent. Can anyone give me some alternative recommendations to these? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by gwydion Sorry about the fit pic. I think my lense case and tripods are at my friends so. For reference...I'm 5'8 at 125lb. I got a 46R at Drews recommendation Is that the winter version? That looks great.
Those varsity jackets look really good. I havent been following this thread. What is the cost of them, and can we do custom colors? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS This is why I kept my college ID Still have my card with no year marked on it. But, dont have my edu email anymore. I use the red phone inside the store and get free shipping with the student discount applied over the phone.
I got a jcrew blue chambray shirt from the outlet. Not sure if its the same as the instore/online ones but it was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. The buttons seem to be filmsy but, I can careless. Anyone know if they are the same ones in the stores? Also, any advice on washing this shirt?
Nice. Going to be in Vancouver this weekend...Hope to find some goods.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi I have a 33" chest or so (I dunno, I measured between 33 and 34, and my tailor measured between 32 and 33) and wear a 32. I could have slimmed down to 30, but it's silly because I need to be able to wear a sweater, oxford, and vneck under it at the very least for when it's cold... And that's making the 32 almost bulge as is let alone a 30 lol Size down 1 for layer, 2 is probably okay for no...
Quote: Originally Posted by cjl2g hey, i picked up the iso in grey size medium, and the alvarado in black size small for someone here, but they flaked. pm me for pics if u are interested, since kzo is not my thing How does that Alvarado jacket fit? Slim or loose?
Some ordering advice: Im about a 36 chest size, 5'7, 157 lbs. I want a slim look. Wont be layering much at all since it doesnt get that cold in CA. Should I go with a 34R ir 32R? Thanks.
Tailoring newbie question: I have a flathead houndstooth shirt that I really like but it doesnt fit the way I like. The smaller size was too small in the stomach area. Is it easy for a tailor to shorten the length on the shirt without damaging it? Thanks.
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