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Quote: Originally Posted by cjl2g hey, i picked up the iso in grey size medium, and the alvarado in black size small for someone here, but they flaked. pm me for pics if u are interested, since kzo is not my thing How does that Alvarado jacket fit? Slim or loose?
Some ordering advice: Im about a 36 chest size, 5'7, 157 lbs. I want a slim look. Wont be layering much at all since it doesnt get that cold in CA. Should I go with a 34R ir 32R? Thanks.
Tailoring newbie question: I have a flathead houndstooth shirt that I really like but it doesnt fit the way I like. The smaller size was too small in the stomach area. Is it easy for a tailor to shorten the length on the shirt without damaging it? Thanks.
Anyone have the diamond beanie? How is it? Does it have a small or large fit? Is it worth the price ?
How do these compare to the JCrew ones? I was thinking of grabbing a jcrew one next week.
Any "SL-200x Straight Leg Black Selvedge" restock for SESF soon? or does SENY have more in stock for order?
Has anyone seen the Chambray for sale yet?
Self Edge X Blue Bottle. Wow. Best coffee in SF with the Best denim store in SF. Just beans, or jeans too?
Anyone have any X-SMALL jcrew shirts? Especially the secert wash ones? I tried on some shirts in small at the store and they fit a little big. Does XSMALL fit a lot less slimmer in the body? Thanks.
Hoodie is sold, thanks for interest.
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