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FOR SALE: GANT RUGGER BOUQUET GARNI M65 Jacket Size: Small Condition: Brand New with tags attached. Price: $100 SHIPPED (Retail $390) Details: Classic M65 by Gant Rugger with floral lining. Made in Turkey. Payment: Paypal Only. Please PM for any questions or if you need additional pictures. Ebay References available upon request.
FOR SALE: RRL Blue Oxford Buttondown Size: Small Condition: Brand New with tags attached (direct from RL) 100% Authentic Price: $100 SHIPPED IN THE US OR BEST OFFER. Details: Classic blue OCBD by RRL. Mother of pearl buttons with slim fit. One of the better OCBD choices out there. Payment: Paypal only. Please PM for questions and if you need additional pics. Ebay references available upon request. Pics:
Fall restock of the Highlands shirt & Yosemite shirts would be thee best of thee bestest.
Thx. I'll keep a eye out for it. Whats your feedback on the shirt?
If anyone don't want their Olive highlands shirt in 38, hit me up! Apparently, none made it in-store =(
Slept on the yosemite shirt....If anyone has a size 38 to unload, gimmie a shout!
Wish there was a size small available somewhere on sale!
Anyone with the Bedford whipcord jacket, can you give feedback on how warm the jacket is? I live in SF, and its generally 50-60 year around. This jacket seems a bit thin. Thanks!
TTS 9, Desert Boots 8.5/ Vans 8.5. The toe box area is tight. If you're interested, lmk.Sorry for the buy/sell spam.
Recieved the Thorogood boots and they are too small......bummers
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