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how do the sweatshirts fit compared to AA stuff? Im terrible at measuring stuff......Thanks! argh, no grey color!
Got a quilted down vest couple weeks ago; a little pricey, but was decent price after student discount. Fit is nice, and nice for layering under jackets as well. Their prices have def gone up quite a bit.
Does anyone know if the waist of UNIS chinos fit true to the Dockers Alphas? Thanks!
I'm thinking of grabbing a pair of Thorogood Epaulet boots; any feedback? fit? Im debating these vs the Wolverine 1000 Miles. Thanks.
Can anyone recommend a good shoe cobbler in San Francisco that can resole with the Vibram Christy sole? Looking to get this done soon, Thanks!
Price Lowered!
For Sale: Quoddy x 3Sixteen Deck Chukka Color: Black Leather Condition: Brand New with factory box and shoe bag. Fit: True to Size. Price: $220 Shipped in the US. Please PM if interested. Ebay references available upon request. Additional pictures available upon request. Quoddy collaborated with 3sixteen to make these incredible deck chukka boots. Made with excellent High Quality leather.
Got my Alphas in the mail yesterday and they fit way too tight. I ordered my TTS Waist Size (30) after I tried on the same exact size on at Macy's in a different color. So, either the fit are different depending on color or I gained weight or the past 5 days. Also, also considering the mass production factor. The quality is pretty good and have good details for being $50. They are slim, and I have problems with the thigh areas being too tight. The leg opening for a size 30...
Tried on the Alphas yesterday; they fit quite well. They fit TTS, I'm usually 29 or 30, and went with a size 30. They are slim, but not skinny. And, if you sign up for the Dockers.com newsletter, you can get them at 20 % off with Free Shipping. I really want to try on the Unis Gios before purchasing. All their colors are great.
New Posts  All Forums: