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Looks like I will be leaning toward JCrew unless I can find a Brooks Brothers suit on a good discount. Im planning to wear it to a wedding. I do prefer more of a slim look, but something versatile will also be nice. Anyone have experience with Banana Republic suits?!
Thanks for the replies. I definitely want to try it on, so buying from B&M is what I'm looking for. I would love to grab a Brooks Brothers suit for that price. Considering heading to a Brooks Brothers outlet store, anyone know if it is worth the trip?!
Looking for a new suit, have a budget about $500 or so, any suggestions for the best suit I can get $500 or less? Im thinking JCrew, Zara, Club Monaco? Additional suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated, thanks.
Please delete, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant I'm trying to get an idea of the color of the vintage chinos they now offer. The site shows them to be a darker british khaki but the color code is brown. They used to have both a brown (which was a lighter tan) and khaki (which this looks like). Just wondering if anybody has seen the new version in person and can comment on the color. Also, are these lightweight or a thicker twill? Thanks for any...
Quote: Originally Posted by n2pua for those that purchased the red chambray ...... i noticed in the description that it uses linen, but does it say the percentage. the reason that i ask is because i find linen to be really inconvenient when it comes to rolling up sleeves and making its own shape over time. meaning, i hate sloppy looking sleeves and semi-permanent wrinkles in the body when wearing linen over time. not to mention its dry clean only (i...
Picked up the sunwashed in XS. Normally a TTS size small. I like the color and the store said it will probably be soldout by the end of the day, but they still had fsr. They will probably make a bunch for summer.
Purchased little over a year ago, still in retailers bag, brand new with tags. Completely soldout everywhere. Color: Charcoal Grey Size: Medium Condition: Brand New with tags attached. PRICE: $135 SHIPPED IN THE USA. Contact: Email- jwong108@gmail.com or PM. Personal pics will be up tomorrow. Stock pic for now.
Do they charge your cc when the item ships or when the order is placed?
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