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Got my Alphas in the mail yesterday and they fit way too tight. I ordered my TTS Waist Size (30) after I tried on the same exact size on at Macy's in a different color. So, either the fit are different depending on color or I gained weight or the past 5 days. Also, also considering the mass production factor. The quality is pretty good and have good details for being $50. They are slim, and I have problems with the thigh areas being too tight. The leg opening for a size 30...
Tried on the Alphas yesterday; they fit quite well. They fit TTS, I'm usually 29 or 30, and went with a size 30. They are slim, but not skinny. And, if you sign up for the Dockers.com newsletter, you can get them at 20 % off with Free Shipping. I really want to try on the Unis Gios before purchasing. All their colors are great.
Which one is the slimmest chinos? Anyone have experience with them? Refined vs. Vintage Slim Fit vs. Slim Fit Chinos?!
Is the "junesf" code still valid? Just tried it and it doesn't seem to work. If not, is there a new promotional code for members? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES I got a brick wader for sale. 34x30 Thanks, but too big sir!
anyone know where I can get some brick/burgundy ish slim chinos? I wanted to try those LEC ones but soldout in my size.
Anyone know how much slimmer are the slim fit sized shirts compared to regular fit sized shirts?
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Anyone with experience with the slim chinos? How do they fit and what the hem opening at? I like the brick color a lot.
Anyone have tips to clean dark water stains on the beeswax boots? I was in heavy rain this past weekend and it left my boots pretty trashed.
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