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If anyone can help out with a pair of the Vans, please lmk (pm). I've been trying to get them for the past 2 releases with no luck. Thx in advance!
Just picked up a pair of 8111s...Any suggestions on how to treat them, or just wear them untreated? Thanks in advance!
I have a brand new Indigo Supply jacket in size medium for a good deal if anyone is interested, please let me know.
Anyone know how the B Tanker Bomber jacket fits compared to Bedfords? Any sizing advice would be appreciated. They seem to run short like traditional bombers. I wear Medium in the Bedford and wondering if I should get the same size. Thanks in advance!
Thanks!By chance, do you how much % off is the sale?
Hoping for another drop of the Vans so I have another chance =/
Anyone know the pricing on these bags from NNY?
Would it be possible to do fitted sizes instead of adjustable?
Is the Rust Yosemite the same color as last years Red? From the pic, it looks to be kind of orange-ish color? Thank you!
Any idea on when the Yosemite shirts are dropping? Will it be a workshop item or a regular drop? Thanks!
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