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When will the new MA-1s be available and how much?
The EG Slip-on Vans from previous seasons definitely fit big -- The width of the shoe is wider than the regular Vans. I wear regular Vans all the time (size 9 in slip-ons) and I feel the Vault series OG slip-ons last fits about a .5 size big.
RE: Sweatshirts Anyone have a review for them? How they fit, quality, etc? Thinking about ordering one. Thanks in advance!
For Sale: Engineered Garments B Tanker Jacket (FW2014) Size: Medium Condition: Brand New, unworn with attached original tags. Color & Material: Dark Navy Cotton Coated Canvas. Price: $280 SHIPPED in USA Measurements (Approx): It is a hard jacket to measure, but I would say it fits true to size Engineered Garments size. P2P: 21.5" Shoulder: 18.5' Sleeve: 25" Front Length: 26" I'd consider some trades for Bedfords in S-M. Please PM for inquires. Thanks! Pics:
Is this Daisy print available in a shirt?
Eat: Dim Sum- HK Lounge Banh Mi-Saigon Sandwich Corner store sandwich - Roxies on San Jose Ave, Arguello Market Jewish Deli-Millers East Coast Burrito: El Farolito, Papalote, Cancun Southern: Brendas in TL, Meat n Three on Divisadero Chinese: San Tung, So Dumplings: Shanghai dumping king Ramen: Waraku in Japantown Pizza: Little star, Golden Boy, Tonys Bakery: Devils Teeth Sushi: Saru, An Sushi for omakase Coffee: Blue Bottle Hayes, Trouble Coffee, Sightglass Ice Cream:...
Weird.....All my Bedfords from past seasons are Medium and I tried on the HB this season and the Small fit me better. The Medium was huge to the fact I couldn't even wear it.
Anyone pick up the Tweed Bedford comment on the fit compared to the Herringbone Bedford from this season? Any sizing advice? The measurements online seem to be all over the place.
Any stock list in the US still with the Grey Tweed Bedford in stock (Small) with a good return/refund policy?
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