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Anyone pick up the 20 oz Navy Melton wool Bedford this season? Any feedback on sizing, fabric, etc? Thanks in advance!
Looking for the U sweatshirt in size M if anyone has leads. I own the maroon one and the weight and relaxed fit are both spot on for me.
Are the U crew neck sweatshirts still available in store? Looking for a black one in M, they nailed the fit on it.
Anyone know how the U Bombers fit compared to the regular line Uniqlo Nylon bombers?
Thanks!--Found one in excellent condition in M, but the shoulders seem a little big. Almost like shoulder pads. Thoughts/opinions on fit?
Does anyone own the JE x Gap flash hoodie and the regular line flash hoodie and can comment on differences? I noticed no riri zips and probably lower quality fleece, but the fleece seems to be pretty good quality. The size small in the JE Gap hoodie fits me perfect -- Does the regular line flash hoodie fit using the same sizing patterns?
If anyone has one of these bombers for sale in a Small (46), please let me know! Thx in advance.
Sounds interesting - Two of my fave jackets together.
Anyone have the Portland Bomber jacket from previous seasons and can comment on sizing? I remember trying a different APC bomber and it fit quite slim and required a size up. Thanks in advance!
I'm transitioning from riding fixed gear and single speed for 6 years and looking into my first road bike. I set my budget around $1,500ish. I've test rode some Cannondales (CAAD10, CAAD12) and Trek so far and like Cannondale's more. I have yet to try Specialized, Fuji, Felt, etc. My local shops have 2015 CAAD10 105 for closeout around $1,200 and I'm also considering the CAAD12 105 or Ultegra groups. Some questions: Is there a huge difference in 105 and Ultegra? Should...
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