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Interesting read though is it a smidgen self-justificatory? If we're being honest, surely personal vanity is rather more to the fore than wanting to project a particular, professional image? You can project a professional image without spending hours on a board fetishising clothes to the extent that we do. You can project a professional image without a psychedelic hanky exploding from your breast pocket. And nobody at your meeting cares that your shoes cost enough to fresh...
Cheers, Lear. For a simple resole, I'm minded to just get them done myself but I think that means that RMW won't touch them if I did subsequently want a more substantial overhaul. The RMW shop charges the same, whether they go to their local place or back to Adelaide which is a wee bit of a liberty, IMHO. If it's essentially the same treatment here or in Oz, I might as well just get them to do the soles locally and get them back a bit sooner. But the shop suggested that...
Sorry if this has been answered before but it's a bloody long thread to trawl just to find out. My Craftsmen need resoling: the New Bond Street store recommend sending them back to Adelaide so I'll be without them for two months. But they said they can get them done at their local place if I'm in a hurry. Given it's just the soles that need done and not the full recrafting that Lear went for, is it worth sending them back to Oz?
On a football board that I'm a member of, one of the posters decided to commit virtual hari kiri by posting a photo of his genitals. Gruesome stuff, but at least he showed a certain style in the manner of his exit.
Trunk in Marylebone stocks them.
I ended up buying an M&S one when I was in a similar position (maybe four or five wears a year) and it saw me through that period very nicely. Certainly better fit than a rental, less faffing around at the last minute (always happens!) and cheaper over the period than renting (not being able to charge for it). Ended up donating it to friend for a nominal fee when that phase of my life was over. Handy things to have on standby, even if you're not wearing them on a regular...
Come for a visit - you can be the excuse for the next one
Arse - only just noticed this. Unlikely to make it now though will try. TTO - is Mayfair your patch? I noticed a large, bearded and decently turned out gent wandering past whilst I was having a pint outside The Guinea which bore more than a passing resemblance.
Would he have had any satisfaction if passers by were looking at him in with a look of nausea, the strong reduced to cowering in doorways and the weaker having to be restrained from clawing their eyes out to 'make the horror go away'.
Camouflage pocket squares? I didn't notice those (Bom tsh).
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