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Ah, but are you also sleazy? Maybe that would account for it. I tend to regard it as a sign of the impending apocalypse, but you certainly see otherwise well attired folk wearing black loafers (with tassels, even) with their suits these days so it's a surprise if your casually worn ones generated much comment. Maybe it was the cream stitching that did it? Unless you were wearing them with a linen suit, too much sun tan and slicked back hair whilst leering at every woman...
The fixings on Lear's bag look similar to mine so Camden it is. Thank you very much indeed, gentlemen.
One of the rivets that fixes the handle to the body of my geriatric briefcase has sheared off. Anybody know of a possible repairer? Tried a local cobbler to no avail and the luggage repair places I've checked online seem to be geared to fixing modern, nylon luggage - new zips, tears, etc. Might better cobblers be a better bet? I've not resorted to trailing the bag round all the central ones in the hope that one might - trailing it anywhere without a functioning handle is...
It probably won' matter but opt for black. Black shoes are fine in the most conservative of workplaces, brown not so. I like brown shades too and they're more du jour but a job interview's not the place to be worrying about that.
Jeans and a velvet tux is well outside the scope of MC and firmly into SW and D territory. Probably best left to rock bands with their own jets, IMHO. Fairly unconvinced by non-black dinner jackets, tbh. I saw the noted BBC current affairs presenter Jeremy Paxman at a dinner at my wife's old college in Oxford wearing a crushed velvet DJ with pale yellow, ruffed dress shirt and large, black, floppy, velvet bow tie. Unless you're currently living in 1975, it's a look I'd...
You look a bit too much like an Irish bookie.
half of Australia wears RMs with suits every day. As a former Canberran, I used to have wait for hours in security at the airport as all the politicians had to take their (steel shanked) RMs off for the X-ray.
On further scrutiny, the Bond Street shop seemed to concede that the boots would get the same treatment in London or back in Adelaide though that's just for the regular leather or rubber soles. The comfort models and, it seems, the screwed soles have to go back. Given that, I just went with the local option: I bought mine when I lived in Australia so didn't think they'd mind missing out on the vacation. They've already seen the sights.
Or was this not the type of fetish you meant?
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