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If you've no joy with the site Malford's linked to, Loakes 1880s are a reasonable bet. They're a little outside your budget but can be had for around 180-190 quid. I've a couple of pairs which I've been perfectly happy with and they certainly seem to be a cut above anything else sub-200 quid that I've seen. They're widely available but there's a store in the arcade just off Jermyn Street/Piccadilly (not the Piccadilly Arcade, the smaller one a bit further towards...
Slim Pickens and Shelley Winters from the Poseidon Adventure. At the same time.And that's a term of abuse because...? Can't fucking stand the pseud-waspish dick-headery on here at timesJudging by the photographic evidence, I'd imagine she'd be pretty worn out already. Or was that not what you meant?
Plenty when I lived in Oz. A combination of ferocious sun and an increasingly baldy napper which necessitates a .0 crop meant that a sunburnt scalp was possible in the time it took to walk to the bus. Never when wearing a suit though (which I didn't have to do more than a few times a month as a rule) - couldn't do it without looking a complete tit for some reason. Back in rainy old Blighty, it's more often a question of keeping warm than for protection. My Panama's been...
I couldn't find a Clark's stockist in Oz when I was looking a couple of years ago. Ended up buying online from the UK (sorry - can't remember where from) . Don't think I paid as much as that but they're 60 quid plus here in Blighty so it's not as bad a mark up as some. Still come's in cheaper than buying them from Country Road, I'd imagine.
That's about midway down Leith Walk near Great Junction Street, isn't it? Would put you in Leith Walk Cafe?(Also from Edinburgh, also wearing Clark's desert boots).
They're expanding:http://www.guardian.co.uk/fashion/2012/mar/11/1
Mid 80s? Surely that jacket's from the mid-70s.
I've not noticed anything in Embra, at least not in the centre or Stockbridge/West End. But if you're after advice rather than resoling, I'd have thought here would serve a purpose. If you're after resoling, probably best ask one of the local independent shops where they recommend (Walker Slater had a decent supply of Alfred Sargent shoes when I was back for Xmas and the staff are all well-shod. I'd guess they'd have a view on where the best place for resoling is. Maybe...
Tell me you can't cut loose and party in this. The wummin pyoor love a Scotsman an aw.
You've only got a week so important stuff first.Shopping: Starting at Piccadilly tube: Jermyn Street, then Fortnum's and Cording's on Piccadilly then into the Burlington Arcade, quick swatch at Savile Row then Bond Street. Oxford Street has Selfridge's at one and and Liberty's at the other and a lot of high street stuff in between. From Oxford Street it's only a short walk up to the small but excellent Trunk on Chiltern Street. Whilst there, duck around to Marylebone High...
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