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Quote: Originally Posted by romafan QPR? Doubt QPR have a supporters club outside London. The mighty Rangers from Glasgow, however, have a couple of supporters clubs in the Smoke.
Chronoswiss is a bit much for me, at least when not wearing a suit. Not sure I could imagine sporting that with shorts and a polo shirt, for e.g. Agree about the IWC though.
A polo shirt from the London branch of the Rangers Supporters Club. Or, more probably, a limited edition something or other from the Dover Street Market? My personal choice would be a cheese and ham toastie from Moonbow Jake's in Brockley, SE4, served by the buxom blonde waitress. Damn, I miss living in London
So long as you're not a real college professor. Otherwise tweed, elbow patches , etc just looks like you're dressing up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe I am Sydney for work and went for a stroll up oxford st on my way to Herringbone in Woollhara, I had multiple people from stores comment on my tan Grenson Derby's and the general consensus from everyone is that there aren't any places to get nice shoes. Yet shop after shop was full of pointy toed fashion shoes. I stopped in to see a friend who own a high end womens shoe store on Queen St (called Quincy,...
Quote: Originally Posted by insidertrader Thanks for all the advice guys. It really is appreciated. Wasn't aware of the english shirt makers before at all, neither plal and pediware. I finish up uni in the next few days so will begin my shopping in earnest then! Brilliant timing with the exchange rates as they are at the moment... Will keep you all updated on my purchases and get hopefully get some good feedback/critiques. Just as an aside, it...
Stowa Flieger Original?
No idea who's doing what as I'm not in London (or even the UK) anymore. But if I were looking to spend 100 quid on one and was visiting town, I'd work my way down Oxford Street. Starting at Oxford Circus, I'd hit the big H&M, Muji, Top Man and Urban Outfitters, then head down towards Bond Street tube, taking in River Island, the Gap flagship store and the Marks and Sparks flagship. There's a big Uniqlo in Regent Street which is surely also worth a butchers. Seems to cover...
Paul Smith. Also the Thos Pink store at Heathrow airport: last couple trips back home, I've bought a few pairs before the long, boring flight to Aus.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR He's a maniac. Suits should be cleaned as little as possible and only when actually dirty. The cleaning fluid wreaks havoc with them. That's what I've always been told. Gentle cleaning with a damp cloth or sponge and a decent airing are surely preferable?
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