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You'll get more useful advice on the long running dedicated Australian thread so try posting your q there. Availability of shoes in Oz sucks heavily so, if you're (understandably) reluctant to go down the mail order route, you'll get better advice on what's actually available. Have to say, in the eight years I lived in Oz, the only shoes I bought there (rather than on trips home to the UK) were a pair of thongs, some RMs and a pair of suede Loakes that the poster Charlie's...
Country clobber they may be but that doesn't stop every fecker from Home Counties commuters to Shoreditch hipsters sporting them: must be why Dalston smells so musty these days.
If you're arriving in september for the new academic year, you'll need an umbrella rather than a jacket. As noted above, it probably rains more in Malaysia than London. And even when it get's colder (and probably wetter though, given the previous three months it's hard to predict), you can get one. But travelling on the tube can be a sweaty experience so even in mid-winter, it's unwise to have anything too heavy weight. And turning up to class, even as a graduate student,...
you're concern for the rest of Scottish football is touching but old firm games these days have negligible arrests. Jock Stein said the outlet provided by football was all that prevented Glasgow from being like Belfast but he was wrong. Apart from a few songs at the fitba, nobody would even talk about sectarianism in Scotland. All pish and wind for 90 minutes on a Saturday.As for Div3, it was felt that going there would be a way of drawing a line under the whole debacle ...
Adam actually looked quite good alongside Lucas but it all went to buggery when he got injured. And as somebody who's seen Charlie Adam play more than most, nobody was more surprised that he has ended up at a club like Liverpool. There was a bit of a bidding war so that drove up the price a wee bit. But the price paid for the English guys was insane but so too was the price Man City have paid for their English players (Lescott, Milner, Barry). Interesting choice in...
To observe the barely repressed sexual tension masquerading as snark.
The theory is that Rodgers prefers a fast passing game that requires a mobility and a great first touch. Carroll, on the other hand, is immobile and has a touch like an electric shock. But he finished the season ok and was one of the few England players not to look absolutely terrible at the Euros so I think probably hang on to him for the time being. Milan, I guess, would be experimenting with at plan b from the bench.
What's wrong with people?? My little sister's a partner in one of the 'top tier' consultancies and she's only five foot tall.
Anyone got an oligarch going spare? We could do with one right now.
Not too big, not too small, no twiddly bits on it and it should not have the manufacturer's name plastered over the outside of it. My old man never wore one (though his father did). My wife thought I wasn't taking it seriously when I suggested we didn't bother with one for me though.
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