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1. Wrong colour of jumper. Looks a bit washed out. Something a bit darker, especially with those shoes?2. For the benefit of the Brits on here, would you consider changing your username? Google 'cockney-rhyming slang Hampton' for the reason.
Having had Rangers cheated out of the champions league final by OM, they are easy to hate. But it's a proper football city (the only one?). I've been to the Velodrome (1-1 draw with Auxerre, Cisse and Bakayoko with goals from memory) and really enjoyed it, in spite of a pretty piss poor game. I'm probably the only Rangers fan who doesn't actively despise them. Rather Rennes won ligue un though.
Liverpool did dominate and still lost but I can't be too sorry for Rodgers who made a raging bollocks of the transfer window. Arrive, tell everyone you don't rate Andy Carroll and try and punt him for daft money which you hope to get to spend on others, fail, and then send him on loan so you can moan to the board you haven't got any players. Board tells you to do one, so you haven't got any strikers. That's Rodgers' fault, not anyone else's. He spent the entire summer...
Not a whole midfield: Kagawa's a good signing and Cleverley's highly rated by united supporting friends of mine whose opinion I trust and they've got plenty of good wide players. But you're right that they've been too easily rattled in midfield there-the treatment Fellaini gave them for Everton is not normally outside the prison showers. Fletcher, if he can get fit, won't outmuscle Fellaini but he's strong and mobile and a reliable base for the others to play from. Phil...
You yanks never wear morning dress to weddings? Wore a kilt at my own though that might look a little affected if you're not Scots
You should have played in some of the teams I did.
Update: Gohil's haven't done repairs for a long time, apparently. After a fair bit of ringing around, I ended up taking it to Hoxton Shoe Repairs along with a pair of Loakes in need of new soles and heels. Have to say, I'm delighted with them. Really nice, helpful place and quick: left the bag and shoes late afternoon on Friday and had a text from them on Monday afternoon saying all was ready to collect. Bag's had a nice brass rivet put on to hold the handle in place which...
Have a sneaking fondness for Marseille, in spite of the it being widely accepted that they cheated Rangers out of the first champion league final. It's the only city in France that breathes football in the way the a British, Spanish or Italian supporter would recognise. Saw them play Auxerre at the Velodrome about ten years ago and would like to go again one day.
Was looking for the details of a great bistro I found last time I was there. They've become a real rarity in the centre. Anyway, I failed to do so but stumbled across this which might be of interest:http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2011/may/06/top-10-bistros-in-paris
Ah, this black/brown stuff again. I suspect these days it would depend very much on your particular company/work environment but, in most cases, nobody will give a toss whether you're wearing brown or black. However, if there's any doubt, then it has to be black, obviously. This will be terribly frustrating to the average Style Forumite, who will be desperate to show off their collection of brown shoes which they've worked long into the night to perfect the antiquing on,...
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