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They could have one that three or four nil and it wouldn't have flattered them. Clearly not firing on all cylinders but they absolutely bossed the game. Gooners a bit twitchy after a bad week?
I could watch that every day for a year and still not get tired of it.
It's fine but not in that combo, IMHO. Besides which the far greater offence is the name that attempts to send an Ivy League, New Englandy message but which is in fact a slang word for the male appendage.
By your criteria, Forest and Villa trump Derby and they can throw European Cups into the mix as well. More league titles than WBA doesn't make Derby the best team in the midlands. Anyway, you appear to have mistaken me for someone who gives a shit. Used to watch Forest when I was a student in Nottingham but have no strong feelings for any midlands sides. Was never keen on Derby for some reason though...
I know only too well: as a student many moons ago I shared digs with a Villa fan and a Wolves fan and had a West Brom classmate a couple of doors away. Got very shouty at derby time. Villa were decent enough then (Taylor/Big Ron era) and felt themselves to be the aristocrats of West Mids football but the rest of the Birmingham sides were poor. East mids teams were much stronger then: even Notts County were in the top flight.Always liked the Baggies-as a Ranger, it's...
Long's cross for Morrison's opener was the best seen at the Hawthorns since the days of Wullie Johnston (or so a Baggies-supporting friend assures me). Vying with Stoke to be the best in the midlands though that's not as hard as it used to be given the state of the others.
BB was one of the main shirts of choice for the original London mods.
1. Wrong colour of jumper. Looks a bit washed out. Something a bit darker, especially with those shoes?2. For the benefit of the Brits on here, would you consider changing your username? Google 'cockney-rhyming slang Hampton' for the reason.
Having had Rangers cheated out of the champions league final by OM, they are easy to hate. But it's a proper football city (the only one?). I've been to the Velodrome (1-1 draw with Auxerre, Cisse and Bakayoko with goals from memory) and really enjoyed it, in spite of a pretty piss poor game. I'm probably the only Rangers fan who doesn't actively despise them. Rather Rennes won ligue un though.
Liverpool did dominate and still lost but I can't be too sorry for Rodgers who made a raging bollocks of the transfer window. Arrive, tell everyone you don't rate Andy Carroll and try and punt him for daft money which you hope to get to spend on others, fail, and then send him on loan so you can moan to the board you haven't got any players. Board tells you to do one, so you haven't got any strikers. That's Rodgers' fault, not anyone else's. He spent the entire summer...
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