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Students spending £1200 on a suit?!!? Used to have that to live off for a term.
Just received my first pair of Meermin, the double monks. But they're absolutely tiny. I'm a UK8 in pretty much everything so, having looked for guidance, ordered a UK8. But they seem nearly half an inch smaller than a pair of Loakes 1880s with a similar last. I'm wondering whether to skip and 8.5 adn go for a 9 they're so far off. Is this a common problem? Nice shoes and great value but the sizing seems way off.
Absolute bastards in the ACT. They did a jumper of mine that I left in the laundry basket for a couple of days.
For the money you're looking at, Tyrwhitt (loads of branches but the biggest's on Jermyn St (Green Park tube)) or Discount Shoes on Strutton Ground, off Victoria Street (Victoria or St James Park tube). Not been Discount Shoes in ages but they've always had a plenty of cheaper Loakes and Barkers, amongst other things.
Edinburgh tweed specialists Walker Slater have a branch in London. Their tweed strides should be the sort of price you're after. They're in Fulham, a few mins out of the city centre (Parsons Green tube or Putney Bridge tube). The London store is smaller and with more limited stock than the Scots store do maybe drop them a line to see if they have the sort of thing you're after before heading over.
Just so you can gloat at my misfortune?!? Don't have them with me but I'll see what I can do later.
I have noticed a dark, purplish splodge on my C&J Westbournes which I suspect to be red wine. The shoes were lightish brown but, even though I've been using burgundy polish on them for a while, the mark is dark enough to be very noticeable. Is this going to getting the shoes dyed a darker colour or can the situation be retrieved?
In Edinburgh, Walker Slater in Victoria Street (old town) is definitely worth a swatch. Always drop by when I'm 'back hame'. Jenners is a pale imitation of the old institution sadly but Harvey Nichols (St Andrew Square) is worth a look too. There's a small Ede & Ravenscroft in Frederick Street and George Street had some of the usual suspects (higher end high street, Lewin, Brooks Bros). For cashmere, factory stores in the borders might be a better bet but would involve car...
Problem with the current fashion for moderately classic stuff is responses like you've just had. Looking forward the Hoxton set getting bored with Barbours so I can start wearing them again.
Thank you again for your considered opinion on the game north of the border and for labelling most of the Scots football-supporting population 'scum'. None of us has enough cash to waste on bombs at the moment.
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