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Very cool Uncontrol, Drew definitely smashed that out of the park. Would love to get a few more detail pics... looks like the snaps were special too, if I'm not mistaken?
Sometimes I wonder how many members of this forum have OCD
jet, did you ever do anything with those jil tanks you had mentioned a while ago?
marques houston. or you might know him as roger, from sister sister. haha
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide lmao @ that carpeted mall in Christiansburg yes! so pathetic haha
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese whoa. the ramifications of that jacket in the sand/whitish color just hit me. this. bitches would go insane.
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m GOLF WANG TICKETS SWAG. so hyped. Nice. I'd buy tickets for the DC show, but of course they come two days after I leave the country for 2 weeks
Yes, I know that, but Teger mentioned staying in Virginia to be closer to family.
Teger, as someone who has been at VT for 5 years (and about to graduate, sadly), I can pretty safely say that the alumni base is spread out pretty wide across the state of Virginia. Granted, I'm in a completely different field, so I don't know what that means for someone like you, but I would imagine it's not as bleak as you think in terms of networking opportunities. Plus, beyond the funding you'd get from Tech, Blacksburg is dirt cheap to begin with, and still a...
^this sounds like me. will be interested in pics when you get a chance to post them.
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