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Love their stuff! You are not likely to get the best cloth for those prices, but they have a wonderful signature!
My friend, Eric, had great success with Archer Adams who offers a first suit price of £695.00. I saw his suit last week and it looks fab. Unlike Gieves & Hawkes and many of the others, the Archer Adams suit is made in the E.U. according to Eric by very talented tailors.
Do you have the Hong Kong distributor's details to pass along?
How do you know? What personal experience do you have with Manzoni? Harrisons is a high quality merchant with mostly -- if not all -- British cloth.
The issue isn't about quality -- although it's unlikely the Chinese mills can match the Italians or British. The issue is whether Marzoni is being deceptive. It is duplicitous to present the cloth as Italian if it's made in China. Why can't they just tell people where they make their cloth? What's the problem with that? Astor & Black no longer overtly promote Marzoni as "Italian cloth" but they do not tell their customers the provenance of their product. Astor & Black...
I can't prove it but I believe Marzoni fabric is not really Italian. I believe it's Chinese. The company website has no contact information -- no address, no phone number. The agent for the cloth is in Hong Kong. It is my believe -- although not yet proven -- that Marzoni is passing off product as Italian when it's actually made in China. Can someone disprove this?
Another option is to have a made-to-measure / custom polo shirt made. I was recently in London as saw some lovely examples in the Archer Adams shop in Marylebone. What was really interesting was that there were a lot of collar options for the polo (along with loads of colors). In other words, a polo with a proper shirt style collar looks much better under a jacket than the usual floppy ones on most brands. You can also choose many different pocket options, button...
Did you see the style book from the tailor Raj is touting? Actually, dreadful!
It's amazing to see how far some guys will go to get a cheap suit. By the time you add in all the hassles of shipping fabric or buying fabric and going to Vietnam, etc. you could have had a great suit made in London! Even a MTM suit in ordered in London or online and made in Portugal or the czech republic would likely fit better and be of better quality than the Vietnamese suit. It's nice some people have the time to save their pennies!
The people at S & H are great. They are very honest. Often their prices are less than the brands who make for them. I have many pairs of Shipton & Heneage shoes. They are the best shoe store in London!
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