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Possibly, I had a fractured neck and started and continue to do body weight exercises.
Love that red shirt.
Is Heather the one in the bikini?
Living in Arizona, I bet the volleyball scene is nice.
Am I the only guy who's a fan of high school/ college volleyball?
I've read about using ACV to rinse your hair, because it really gets the chemicals out and I was thinking about doing it but I also read people use ACV to dye their hair brown, for those who have used ACV does it bleach the hair?
Looks nice, seems about 1 size too small though.
Sweet I like these boots.
The reason I asked this is because if you really think about, once you cover the long part of the boots that go up with leg with a pair of pants, cowboy boots look like dress shoes. No this is not me.
Do you think a nice pair of slacks along with cowboy boots could be considered business casual?
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