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perhaps they not as popular as i thought
I will just leave this here
Quote: Originally Posted by columbia92 There are many different MTM companies out there. All of them have different price point, design, style, delivery time and quality. Not everybody are willing to pay $150 for a shirts no matter how nice the quality of the fabric is. Certainly not everybody has the patience and is willing to wait for 2 months for a shirt even if the shirt only cost $30 bucks. Some store may offer lower price but with limited selection...
I'd slightly increase the length, definitely shorten the sleeves. I'd ask them to make the bicep/arm a bit slimmer, it looks quite bulky in that area. Horrible looking see-through material, with the vest somewhat unflattering. I would personally ask them to use the same fabric and tailor it into something like this:
Quote: Originally Posted by jabreal00 She sounds more like an alterationist than a tailor. She sounds like a trained assassin. If a tailor were to remove my vents, my knees would buckle with fury
Hi there, I've recently been entertained by the use of discount coupons I receive in Emails, something I think is very popular in the US and not so much in UK. Anyway, I apologise if there is already such a thread, but I couldnt find one. I don't have many (hence why i'm starting this thread) so just to get the ball rolling - 10% off - expires 25/4/10 - code = NEWSITE - free shipping - code = LUXE I'm looking for some...
I had poor luck with both Jantzen and Moderntailor, I fell for modern tailor's constant self promotion in these forums. Very disappointing shirts and i'd suggest moving up one level pricewise
Quote: Originally Posted by big_kev Rolex make watches, rolls royce make cars, who makes chocolates? If you would like the Chocolate equivalent of what Rolex is to watches, then I would recommend a cadburys dairy milk bar or a kitkat - available in every 5th shop you walk past
The brooks brother custom shirt is a good guide for collar tip sizes. I also wasn't sure when getting some shirts elsewhere
Quote: Originally Posted by furosemide Quick update: I was browsing, and have noticed that Nialma has completely re-done their website. There also seem to be more options now than before (more collars, darts in back, etc.). Makes it more tempting, but alas the fabrics have not changed and I can't find any in the Thomas Mason silverline that I would like. Have you ever purchased a shirt with the 'extra widespread' nialma have on their new...
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