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I'm loving the knit tie I just got. For new colors I'm digging 6 and 7.
Thoughts on these wingtips? For that price, whats another pair thats better/similar?
I just pulled the trigger on these: They seem to be a bit bigger than my moscot dannees, but I hope it works out.
thanks for replying to my post I'm also thinking of getting a pair of sunglasses with really dark lenses. Do you have any that you recommend?
I have worse eyesight (-11) and I'm wondering about the answer to the above question too. Also, looking at this Whats the thinnest lense I can get? The Moscot website only goes up to -6.00...and I did some googling, is this the max?
Any difference between J.Crew's Liquor store and the new one in SoHo? Is there better selection at one?
Anyone know if this stacks with a 15% corp discount in store?
Went to the Madison Ave store and they were out of my size in a Fitzgerald suit I wanted. My size isn't even a selectable option anymore on the Brooks website Also the sales associate said my size in the Fitzgerald was back ordered since last year and was surprised to have the 4 or so there. The SA also didn't know when he would have more in stock and I couldn't order it to the store. Is this horseshit or what?
Quote: Originally Posted by planetofsound I got a card from Brooks Brothers in the mail today about the F&F sale, and it says that: 1) it can't be combined with any other offer 2) it can't be used on cordovan shoes Wait, will this stack with the buy 2/3 for X type deals then?
not to derail too much, but anyone know how the brooks brothers slim fit compares? I'm about 5'9", 170lb. I've tried a regular M one and it was too big on me.
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