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Thanks for the suggestions, I have a deep red/burgundy pair of brogues, so that's excellent news.
Hi there, Quick bit of advise required. I normally dress in a brown tweed jacket, with brown shoes for work. I fancy a getting a grey tweed jacket, example: However I only have brown shoes and this colour feels like it should be paired with black shoes. Should I be on the lookout for black shoes to compliment? Does the colour of the jacket buttons dictate the choice?
Good session on Saturday, 5 * 2.5km trail loop, total being 12.5Km in 54:17 with the last 2.5km in under 10 minutes
Wore a pink and white gingham check shirt today, with pink knot links and a pink pocket square. Worked a treat with dark blue trousers and a tweed jacket.
The standard lunch time loop, although with the luxury of a training partner today. 10.16km, 46:16, ave H/R 146, max H/R 168
Drag this thread back into life again. Out on the trails both days at the weekend, same 27KM loop, getting very wet and muddy in places with the added delight of ice covered rocks. Forecast for this coming week looks like running is back on the agenda.
I run in weather down to around minus 10 over here and normally follow the same routine. Temps down to around 5 degrees are fine with lycra tights, lycra top, gillet and beanie hat. Replace gillet with Gortex top if wet. Temps down to around 0 add gloves to above and a thin base layer, Patagonia silk as an example. Temps down to around -5 combine both gillet and gortex, so that's 4 layers on top, beanie hat, gloves and tights Temps colder, replace silk under top with...
The standard, 10.16km in around 42 mins, no watch today
Standard lunch time run, 10.16km in 43 mins, lovely sunny autumnal day in Gothenburg
Back after a shitty week at work. Saturday, 12.5km in 55 mins Sunday, 17,3km in 76 mins
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