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Also check out this blue pinstripe. Very nice:http://www.suitsupply.com/suit-blue-herringbone-napoli-p2510/P2510,en_US,pd.html?start=55&cgid=SuitsCheers,Jay
Apparently, you have trouble reading Wasn't looking, nor care about your opinion. For me, the pants aren’t too long nor is the jacket too big. I agree that from these specific picutres, the pants look a tad long, but again, they are not. If you think you know what you’re talking about after seeing one picture from one angle, I pity anyone who actually makes a decision based on your opinion or advice.The pictures are for people interested in seeing the two cuts. That's...
Might look that way from the pictures, but they are not
Here are my two finished suits. I am NOT looking for your opinions, just two pictures for reference on the two styles... Sienna 42R Napoli 42R Cheers, Jay
Hi Robstrongo,While I cannot comment on a comparison between the SS and a BB's, I have 2 Sienna's and 3 Napoli's all 42R and will try to comment.I too have larger thigh's from playing sports and mountain biking. I'm 5.10' and currently at my max weight of 200lb's (too much eathing and drinking this summer...). My perfect weight should probably be about 185lbs. My waist for jeans is a 34. But for dress pants and/or a 42R suit waist is a 36 which fits perfectly. And at...
Actually, I believe that SS covers ALL of the charges... In my shipping label, it states to send all charges/duties to SS!So I believe there is absolutely no charges.I ordered 9 suits so I'll let you know if I ever get a bill in the mail. It would be expensive so I better not!Cheers,Jay
Well, out of the 9 I purchased, I ended up keeping 5 of them. 2 Sienna's and 3 Napoli's. I just got fitted at the tailors today so I'll get them back next Friday. I'll post up pictures sometime next weekend for all ya. Cheers, Jay
Thought I would post up a picture... I received my Sienna "Suit Up" suit earlier this week. I had also purchased a Zanetti suit at Moore's (Canada). The deal at Moores was buy one suit get one free. The retail price of the Zanetti suit was $700 so I got two of them for $350 each. Anyway, when I got both suits home, I realized the fabric is made by the same company Angelico. Cheers, Jay
I agree every manufacture is has different sizes. Hell, even the same manufacture has different sizes based on different styles. I went into a Gap store to try on some jeans and I purchased a 32 waist in one style but a 34 waist in another style... Stupid.Anyway, as for the suits. I haven't really had a chance to give them a good fitting. But the Napoli actually feels a bit tighter across the back than the Sienna. When I cross my arms, there is not as much room as I would...
Really... Can you please explain? What size do you think I should be?Because every suit place I have ever gone into tells me I'm a 42r.If all you are basing my suit size on is sleeve length, that's like saying all men who are 5.10' should be a 34 waste...
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