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thanks guys! project no 8 threw me off a bit 'cause their site suggested a vi was for a 40, iirc. i don't need anymore knits, but i really like this piece. ugh.
i've seen that lucky bag sort of deal quite a bit with random lower-end hypebeast brands in the past, but they were obviously not as big an investment as these ones. i could see it working out for someone that liked most of the pieces of the designer they chose.. lol. if there was a gyakusou bag i would've picked one up. :P
has anyone picked up the lana crewneck that can comment on the fit? I'm a ~42, the 6 in the double-alpaca jacket is roomy on me and i have an author cardigan from a few seasons back in a 5 that fits me well. tia
vests are pretty thick. i have the charcoal and love it. the vest and the bleached straight denim i picked up have been getting the most wear out of the pieces i picked up this season. it's really warm to me, but i live in california where "cold" is 30-45F ~0-7C. In 35F weather i had the vest and a thermal henley on and i was warm enough. the hand warmer pockets are nice and toasty!idk about layering though, it is a down vest, so depending on how slim your coats are...
can't believe that mohair pube mask didn't get any comments. hahaha
can anyone comment on the thickness of the optional polyfill on the wool coats? I have an old peacoat in Large that fits snug; should i size up on the duffle if i get the polyfill?
^ if you used canadapost the chances of you getting hit with customs fees is probably like
Picked up that Yigal shearling (thanks kunk!) the customer service at the Yigal Azrouel store in New York was seriously top notch. They responded to my e-mails after-hours with measurements and helpful sizing information (they have actual knowledge of how specific pieces fit (!))
So THIS is what fqhh looks like broken in. I've been neglecting my whiskey fqhh 2.2. Mine is still stiff and noisy.
do you even need the uniform when charging into burning buildings anymore? or do you just throw on your black fqhh moto and strap your lap top to your arm ala captain america?
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