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thanks! 15% didn't apply to my order, but i got free shipping!
i picked up a cdg wallet and some black apc ps
yes, friends is one of my favorite shows of all time. also, it must have been a really cold set. perky nips all over the place in every episode.
Drew how much longer do i have to order another TOJ1? Got my light grey and it fits way better than the bball i picked up.
really? i like those.
any current codes for yoox? i'd sift through the last few pages but all i see is tbs (i gave mine away already sorry pals!) and the search function is turrible.
^^ haha thanks thenanyu. i will probably pick up those wheat donegal rudy's on b&s then.
love the lining on the leathers. i'm not sure if you guys watch friends, but there's an episode where ross buys leather pants.. and that's what i imagine would happen in jacket form also. hahahaha it was worth the 5 minutes of my life to relive this.
anyone know how much fabric is available to let out in the trousers? Is there enough to make a 33 a 34?
That's the other piece sitting in my cart. I was eyeing the black(?) or navy version on bstore london, but they didn't do any markdowns.. gdl said that piece runs a little slimmer than the double-alpaca though.
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