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Any luck on Charly and Dan's samples? D: Any bigger pieces this time around?
Has anyone tried on the Innovation Project jackets? Measurements from the UK site seem pretty huge. Also do the NYC stores stock XS? Thanks pals!
incredible crotch blow-out on my straight bleach outs. wore them infrequently, washed once. i was pretty disappointed -- they were my favorite wash and fit in my denim rotation. :/
Hopefully comfortable means slightly fuller top block along with the elastic waist?
am i the only one that thought drew was talking about the japanese *movie*: battle royale? o.o
i would rock those panda adidas x jeremy scotts. not gonna lie.
^ i got a medium, and i normally take a 42 or l/xl. the ny store was super helpful with measurements and sizing advice. both willis, the e-mail guy, and the girl that helped me on the phone own the jacket also, so they were able to give me a good idea of fit.
^ i prefer some contrast on hardware so i personally would go gunmetal. i have a black 2011 dr with gunmetal hardware and i love it. Can anyone comment on altering sleeve length on a chesterfield? There was a hiccup last year with my chesterfield ( i ordered an XL cause they ran slim with medium lengths but got a stock XL) and I never got around to having the sleeves taken in. I honestly don't have a trusted tailor where I'm at.
got that yigal x kunk shearling today. might be one of my favorite pick-ups of 2011. also got my black ps and wallet from tbs. my fingers are glad i didn't size down two on them.
thanks for this! finally found that nestor shawl pullover! :]
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