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Posts by bakatora US site has them under "slacks"
Anyone know how much shrinkage to expect with the snocone?
^ I had the same thoughts.
Dark royal calf CM or MDR? I mostly wear gitman/epaulet/toj shirting, and already have a bomber.
^lol. worst kind of person to do a transaction with
[[SPOILER]] Are there side-entry hand warmers on the t-1 also?
This might be the first ToJ I'll buy without waiting for fits. Part my addiction to ToJ suede, but mostly because that jacket just looks so good.
can't.. stop.. watching..
yeah, i still got a few. just consumer deficit.
According to suddenlee, the heattech longjohns were on sale over the weekend for $12.90, not $3. Not sure if this was a typo or if OP found magical uniqlo unicorn sales.
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