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anyone able to photoshop the t-1 and t-3 in this purple suede? i'm going to end up getting both a t-1 and a t-3, but i'm waffling around with colors.. one of them is going to be black, and the other will be either purple, "dodger" blue, or muted sky blue (which i'm having trouble picturing as a color)
does usps still suck at updating? mine was mailed out on the 4th/5th and still only has electronic shipping info received.
re: t-1/t-3 colors: Medium grey Dark brown Purple Bright blue (think dodger blue) Navy Black Muted sky blue (really nice) Dark Red Lime green Dark green Khaki from charly for those interested!
waiting on charly to get confirmation from dan on available colors so i can order
Thanks^ gonna e-mail Charly about colors so I can order
Hey Drew, for the 2012 suede T-1, can you comment on the mobility of the sleeves? I can't tell from the picture, but are there shoulder gussets or anything like that? Also, would it be possible to pockets like the T-3? Or would they break up the vertical lines too much?
are the suede t-1/t-3 mtm? and are they officially available for order?
34-36 look good to me; I appreciate the extra room in the top block and the aggressive taper below the knee.
I liked the Balmain velcros until I saw how the back ribbing looked in the big picture. And also the price tag.
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