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afaik they stopped doing phone orders a while back.
Drew, do you have any favorite colors for the T-3? I'm leaning towards the bright (dodger) blue.. and a black t-1. edit: but i'm worried the bright blue might look too much like suede denim.. not sure if this is a logical concern. lol.
^ thanks
not sure if this was already discussed.. but are the pants this season no longer vanity sized?
New knickers are super comfy. Got both colors for myself and the gf.
Looks like I got a BD instead of an AD in my snowcone, so mauro will have a large BD avail when it gets to him!
anyone else get the image of rosewater in toj wearing panties on his head running around grabbing leather-clad breasts all over the city?
Thanks Mauro!
Thanks Charly and snow!
addicted to toj suede..
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