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will do, but the ones i'd sell might be too small for you since they're getting too small for me
i happen to have both and can say that if choosing between the two there's no question i'd pick lamb suede. my bball is heavy compared to my a-1 and suede harrington partly because of the lining on the bball, but the calf suede is definitely beefy. i'm a naturally warm person so i prefer lighter jackets, but if you haven't experienced toj lamb suede, you're seriously missing out. it's luxe as fuck and the ladies love it. the only downside is sometimes i catch myself...
^ did i miss something here? when did the needsupply discount go up to 15%?
fuuuuuck. i wish you had this for sale 6 weeks ago. Ordered the same jacket and just passed the 6 week mark. gl with sale ^^
i think haven has some measurements up also
i'm hoping for a sateen lining on the next iteration also. i grab my toj0ae more than my toj1 because of this. just prefer the way it feels on my skin and i like lighter jackets.
speaking of trousers, it would be nice to have the size chart you posted a while back on the webpage or somewhere handy.
I do have a few shirts. My first order was for a black ocbd, a navy 2.3 and a gray daypack in jan 2010. Once you experience TOJ lamb and TOJ suede, it's hard to say no when drew's designs only get better.
iirc the T-1 was the only jacket he recommended black suede.
i was just informed that there is no more platinum club i feel as if i have nothing to work towards anymore.. no more copping achievements.. lol
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