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i would rather give you my money for that backpack than buy another visvim backpack.
CWU-45 in black lamb or black goat?
Hey Mauro, I PMed you about the Snocone BD/AD mixup that I returned. Just making sure you got the shirt, and wondering when I can get the AD.. I think it should've gotten to you last wednesday
i don't know if you're into bread, drew, but there are a few 85C bakeries in the oc/la area. the coffee's pretty good too. I think their selling point is the sea-salt foam. But yeah, I really like sweet asian breads, so whenever I'm down there I make a point to go. they have these mochi egg tarts that are amazing. I also like their brioche, marble taro and hotdog bun.
are you telling me you would get between a fat lady and her fried chicken given you're going to be stuck sitting next to them while trapped in an airplane 50,000 ft in the air for an hour? what happens if she's still hungry?
lol, this does not sound good. unless my arms are long for my height by 2". I ordered an MDR with 27" sleeve length based on the sample DR I got from you guys that had 28" sleeve length. maybe i should've trusted charly again.
Haha, for trousers is it normal waist +1 or hip?
thanks pals! just ordered the navy cord polka dot i had been searching for! on sale no less! althanis, the sizes that aren't crossed out on that blog post are what they should have in stock. They edit the post I think. I just ordered via e-mail.
^lol don't worry man, happens to everyones order. usually released within 24 hours. when that's happened to me (san francisco customs branch) it's released anywhere between 35 minutes and 24 hours
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