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I've recently gotten into scotch and am wondering if anyone has any tips on jump-starting my palate? I feel like I'm wasting the things I taste because I can't grasp more than a few of the flavor notes shared by the label and reviewers. I've only tried maybe 8-12 different ones, and I'm only able to distinguish between like/dislike at this point.
Yeah, other stores I've asked sent via royalmail also. But the guy I spoke with said they must send all of their US-bound shipments via FedEx.
Ugh, I won't be able to use endclothing anymore. Fedex fees destroy me. I asked them if I could pay extra for them to ship via royalmail and was refused outright. Love their store, but the customs/duty fees to the US are just outrageous. :/ My scope of EU webstores that I allow myself to use is getting narrower and narrower.
off-topic- has anyone seen the cut-off hoody from last season in a 52 around? hoping for charcoal but either color is fine:
Thanks guys re: steamers!
hey pals, some of you mentioned steamers for your clothes iirc. may i ask which you use? i'm looking around on amazon and everything (as per usual) has mixed reviews.
is the second one this? they have it at context.
haha. maybe this is common knowledge for everyone else, but this shirt: is not machine washable. it's my first gv shirt that isn't and i have quite a few. the other linen shirts i have were machine washable iirc. good thing my washing machine is HE. Would've been soaked in detergent by now. lol
^fun boy threes
do want.
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