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Dropped to $150. I’m practically giving it away.
Hahaha.The sheer volume of guys walking around with jackets 2-3 sizes too large is amazing. Sometimes you see the shoulder seem approaching dudes bicep area.
I like a longer sleeve as i prefer a little bunch -up i think it looks cool. And yes those pants are super sagging on me...
Haha. Funny it has nothing to do with having kids or not
The short answer is... JAB = dad fit. The first question if there was a flow chart would be, do you want a dad fit, if yes go to JAB, if not go to these other brands. btw, cool graph ^ there somewhere in the thread
Got my new bomber. Thanks TOJ group. I will be back for more. Fit pic. My new adjusted measurements = ballz on accurate
Price drop to $175
I bought this jacket at the Barbour flagship shop on Madison avenue. I’m actually not sure which model this is but its really close to the new Corbridge utility jacket. Its somewhere between that and an m65 style. As you can see its a bit large now (reason for the sale) Anyway its a (M) medium. Here are some measurements: p2p 22" shoulders 19.5" Body 20.5" Arms 7" Sleeve length 24.5" I’m asking $225
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