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l o l dis fuccboii hope @impolyt_one + @mrchariybrown refund u and blacklist u
i wish styleforum would help me automatically put these wait times twats on ignore
and all those great reviews of all those movies were written by children, right? let's just completely disregard all the adults w/o children who went and saw those movies and enjoyed them and forget about the fact that the og star wars were kids movies to begin with.
killjoy really living up to his name
There are almost 8,000 photos in the gallery. You really expect him to go through each one individually tagging them when whatever source he gets some photos from doesn't even include any written details about the jacket to accompany said photos? And implementing a search feature? Because some people are too lazy to use Google's Advanced Search? For a brand that will be closing it's doors in a few weeks? You realize he wouldn't get paid for this, right?
Its fake - TOJ logo doesnt look like that
Oh you guarantee? Well now, guys, I think we should all stop having common sense and actual opinions because grizzlybear GUARANTEES that is is right even though...It's clearly shown here that Vaio is in fact bending his elbows and the sleeves look fine?I guarantee you that grizzlybear is the dumbest poster in this thread and I guarantee that his dumb posts don't just exist in this thread but extends to all the other threads he posts in.
are we really still talking about wrist measurements? unless you have some bizarro arms like Popeye, getting the correct bicep and elbow numbers will give you (or Charly) a good idea of the wrist cuff thats appropriate for you
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