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99% of the ties here I will never wear 😁 But well done so far!
Subscribed. Lots of good discussion in this thread. Thanks!
Hi toboman: thanks for the advice. Alex, I'll order the same with yours. Hope you will enjoy yours.
Hi, need some sizing advice here. I have spent some time and money to nail down my size for meermin. I own a box calf Oxford in hiro last, which fits me perfectly. I'm going to order the suede tassel loafer in Ron last. Do you think I should size up/ down because of the last/ lace up vs suede? Appreciate your help.
Both gray look like a suit to me. I have the 500 is suit. Because of the light weight, I dun find it has good crease resistance. The 520 I have perform way better on that aspect.
Just to confirm, they have one lavender only, right? Tropicalist, if you can share a snap, that will be helpful!
Indeed. That's why I always fit should outweigh workmanship. At the end of day, fit is what everyone on the street can first notice.
Thanks. merino. I'll definitely look at the mirage. Nice recommendation. I will pick plain pattern for such less conservative color though.
ThanksThanks pink. The texture looks so nice. I was surfing Sam's website for a wool tie for winner but what caught me was the new lavender. But you know, color is somehow quite tricky on minitor. I am not a purple guy but the lavender is reli more blue tone that I may be able to pull that off. Hope someone will put up some pic of the lavender soon.
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