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@TRC: @ bamboo: thanks. But the colour shown on screen can be misleading. Hopefully, someone has made up a coat/ jacket can comment. More sharing from anyone? Does 17oz make sense for coat?
Hi all, need some advice on an overcoat bespoke project. Objective is mainly for office use and wear with suit but hopefully still wearable with jacket and trousers. For that reason, will go for navy/ navy blue. Composition will likely be wool or wool/cashmere. Try to avoid pure cashmere or pure camel hair for cost/ longevity reason and it may look too causal for business. Currently shortlisted three options in the Harrisons' overcoating book: 1) 83905 - 22oz - 100%...
99% of the ties here I will never wear 😁 But well done so far!
Subscribed. Lots of good discussion in this thread. Thanks!
Hi toboman: thanks for the advice. Alex, I'll order the same with yours. Hope you will enjoy yours.
Hi, need some sizing advice here. I have spent some time and money to nail down my size for meermin. I own a box calf Oxford in hiro last, which fits me perfectly. I'm going to order the suede tassel loafer in Ron last. Do you think I should size up/ down because of the last/ lace up vs suede? Appreciate your help.
Both gray look like a suit to me. I have the 500 is suit. Because of the light weight, I dun find it has good crease resistance. The 520 I have perform way better on that aspect.
Just to confirm, they have one lavender only, right? Tropicalist, if you can share a snap, that will be helpful!
Indeed. That's why I always fit should outweigh workmanship. At the end of day, fit is what everyone on the street can first notice.
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