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I posted a couple of weeks back here about a long turnaround with BE. Just thought I should report back to be fair and for the interest of everyone. Nick replied back and got the corrected shoes delivered to me in a lighting manner. They are also with the first quality. Can't understand why it was sold as second. But u shouldn't have any complain about that. So, Nick probably got backlog of orders. But once he attends to your order, he is damn fast and efficient.
Anyone experienced delayed response from Nick of Bespoke England? I ordered a pair of lobb. Sent me a pair in wrong size and wrong model. No response in 3 weeks inspire of a couple of reminder emails. Any sharing or advice?
Which one?Sorry. Can't remember the number. I tried finding the same tie on the website but it's gone. The right tie was a purchase inspired by a photo of the same tie I saw here. Probably yours. ☺️
New arrival today.
Pardon me, what is M. LLIB stand for? Brand name? Thanks Sprout.
Thanks veni. That colour is nice but I prefer subtle cross weave texture to herringbone. Anyone has any idea on what the fabric is? This photo seems famous in the community.
Hi, anyone know the source and number of this nice jacketing? Or something similar? I'm starting my next project for a beige plain jacketing with lots of texture. Is it linen?
Consensus? It is a fact. He even quoted me the new price after released from SSP.Price lowered. The only drawback is lack of English communication and car's advice if you buy his style.
Haha. I presume "if" itself carries be meaning of possibility. Pretty neutral to me. ;P
No. I talked to Lai a week ago. He moved to Jordan and work separately.
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