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Wait for pics, my friend. Never fear, they're 'classic menswear', I don't want to ruffle feathers with streetwear. I love the soundtrack. The John Legend track that plays during ... I don't want to spoil it, but I like that track. I think I may see it again. If anyone's in Canberra, I saw it at the new Palace Cinemas. Lovely complex.
Bought new shoes today. Will post pics soon Spent the past 15 minutes tying knots with some new ties I recently got off Jason. They're lovely. The ties, the knots are OK. Also, GeoffreyFirmin - sorry mate, I neglected to catch up with you while I was in CBR. Has anyone here watched Django Unchained?
Seems like the Straya Thread got heated over the long weekend...
Oh, I wasn't talking about iPad, I was talking about the iPod. The "everybody knows it's for girls" is taken from Borat
Toby, it's because you bought a flip cover. Like the iPod mini, everybody knows it's for girls..
I don't have shots of my daily carry, and I'd rather not cop more shit for my coin purse, haha! Instead, poke fun at what I wore today Mini Cupcakes post-lunch:
Ah, yes. The SENA case. I've had one for years. Actually, a couple over this period. I like them a lot. Except, for the past six months I've gone without a case. No screen protector, no case, nothing. I wage that people aren't good at looking after stuff because I've had no cracked screens, nothing. All works fine.
I heard viagra doesn't even work there. Makes no sense why people go there for retirement, then. Or maybe it makes perfect sense. Fuck it, I'm 25, what would I know?
Selvedge and chainstitched hems have nothing to do with one another. A jean with a non-selvedge outseam may have chainstitched hems, it may not - there's no link between the two.However, if the OPs jeans do have chainstitched hems and he would like to keep them, then yes, they'd require a Union Special sewing machine to do the job for him.
Who here owns Cheaney shoes? I've been especially pleased with the standard of their Classic Collection. And, their Imperial Signature line with fiddleback waists and channeled soles looks especially lovely.
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