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Spoke with Tommy this morning and he's on an 'extended online sabbatical', he didn't mention when he'd be back online and I didn't ask.EXCELLENT write up, PS. And, Gezza, I'm going to need an extra pair of sunglasses on to deal with the reflection of your shiny shoes. Here's hoping that for the sake of my long-term eye health you wear suede! I hope to make it along, have every intention of coming but haven't been feeling too well of late.Besides GN and PS, who else is...
Count me in for gloves, Jas. My current smartphone and tablet friendly gloves are going on 3 yrs old and need to be replaced. Also, a scarf or two, though, as some here may know I have a penchant for scarves and currently have more than most men would own in a lifetime..
It's Friday y'all. What's everyone doing for the weekend? I'm going to be bettering my two day record and wearing my O&J Popover 3 days in a row. Love that thing. Should've bought extra.
LOL - that's a good one.
^ Shorts weather. Yessss!!
^^ I know the jacket you're talking about JM, it's lovely What I'm wearing is actually an MJ Bale unlined cotton PoW check. From that distance, and taken with an iPhone, the pattern blends in..
Thanks, JapanAlex01
Hi Guys, I uploaded a picture to the Mr. Porter Global Street Style competition earlier, after a day of work in Melbourne's CBD. Would love a vote if you like it -- http://www.mrporterglobalstyle.com/style/melbourne/2786
Yes. True. I just love menswear more than mortgages.
Are you calling me a top deck? Pretty sure that's racist, brah
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