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In other news, I just removed the belt loops from a couple of pairs of trousers. I like it. It makes watching the cricket more enjoyable.
If anyone is interested in Loro Piana cashmere v necks in size M, get in touch with me in a couple of weeks. I have an excess of new sweaters
Nice one, Geoffrey Firmin. I have the JCrew Bayswater peacoat. Bought it in NY in 2010. It's very hardy, I wear it regularly in winter. Mine has the thinsulate lining which adds virtually zero bulk and from what I understand, adds to its insulation properties. Have to admit, the buying process for me was more along the lines of, "I'm fucking cold. What's the warmest coat you have?"
Carmina - 110% Carmina.
The creases are the best part about linen. Tom was very helpful as always - most of the Melbourne folk have popped in to see MJ Bale here by now, right?
Same suit - Tom explained that it's tagged incorrectly, actually a linen/wool mix.
I have a few issues. Some are fit-wise and others are personal preference (e.g. I would like a wider lapel), but at ~ $500 for the suit, I can't complain as it's a reasonably good RTW fit. I will be visiting PJohnson in time
Cheaney is a world above Loake for me. Even Loake's 1880 line (to me) seems a bit cheap with materials and clunky by design.
Oh, you're lucky man. Capital last doesn't fit me - I remember trying on an 8.5 and it fit well everywhere except the heel was very wide on me. That said, I think some of Beggar Man Thief's stock is offered in wide fittings, and so I may not have actually tried on an 'F' fitting.
Thanks CHECK. Not sure how much weight I've lost. It's probably the suit and the angle of the photo that gives that impression. I've still got a gut This suit is a 40R, and I used to wear a 42R before.
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