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Great store, that. Wouldn't know how to pronounce it correctly to save myself, but they have some really nice stuff
Thanks fellas, so much info and I've barely touched the tip of the iceberg.
For the married men here, how did you go about choosing an engagement ring?
Blue, Green and Purple Lapel flower is from Owen&James
In my experience, this "mouldy" appearance happens when the polish builds up on the surface of the leather, rather than penetrating into the leather and forming small layers. I usually apply a very light spritz of water using a spray gun and work the polish into the area and then it takes on a nice shine. Pretty soon they'll be shiny like these:
Pics look great, Gerry!I think that Carmina are doing better things with shell than Alden - may not please some to hear it, but what I've seen lately from Carmina looks great!
DB, the jacket is MJ Bale (part of an unlined cotton suit). I picked up two suits at the recent Laneway Sale they had.EDIT: The other suit is a chalkstripe blue/grey flannel so won't get any wear until the winter months.
Congratulations, Jas! Very happy to hear the great news:)
That sucks LachyZee. Has anyone seen the UK or US 'House of Cards'?
Owen & James Lapel Flower
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