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Yeah, the shoot out was awesome. I can't help but feel like the rest of the episode was lame, though.Last week's episode was also similar for me - all filler, no killer.
Sorry, double post.
Ah yes, the burgundy shells are on the 325 last - "Cavendish", I believe. Unfortunately they don't fit my feet well because they're lovely shoes.
For those who've been recentl, what does DM have in the way of loafers?
That's what I thought too. Is this not the case?
What'd you guys think? I thought the episode was a little slow until the shoot out at the end. Where do you think they're going with this season. I've got no idea - it all just seems a bit muddled to me..
Yeah, I did. Alden for Brooks Brothers. One loafer longer, or the other shorter. I'm not certain which is right and which is wrong. Brooks Brothers refunded the shoe and the postage price, less some kind of fee. I came out under to the tune of $15 or $20, but I didn't pursue it further. Just that I won't be buying Alden online anymore. I've had too many issues with their QC.EDIT: FWIW, I own several pairs of Alden shoes, and think they're lovely, but they're working over...
I think they're Alden tassels in burgundy shell. I could be wrong.
Good call.Which reminds me, TehBunny - it's not really news for 'congrats' yet. I've not asked and she's not said anything. It's actually a long way off, LOL, but I know nothing about this so need to educate myself.Classic Asian.
Hey guys, apart from this thread, what other threads do you follow on SF? I pretty much only look at this one, the affiliate threads of people on here (Jason, for example) and that's about it. Haven't branched out into other ones. Any recommendations for interesting reads/diverse opinions?
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