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Blue, Green and Purple Lapel flower is from Owen&James
In my experience, this "mouldy" appearance happens when the polish builds up on the surface of the leather, rather than penetrating into the leather and forming small layers. I usually apply a very light spritz of water using a spray gun and work the polish into the area and then it takes on a nice shine. Pretty soon they'll be shiny like these:
Pics look great, Gerry!I think that Carmina are doing better things with shell than Alden - may not please some to hear it, but what I've seen lately from Carmina looks great!
DB, the jacket is MJ Bale (part of an unlined cotton suit). I picked up two suits at the recent Laneway Sale they had.EDIT: The other suit is a chalkstripe blue/grey flannel so won't get any wear until the winter months.
Congratulations, Jas! Very happy to hear the great news:)
That sucks LachyZee. Has anyone seen the UK or US 'House of Cards'?
Owen & James Lapel Flower
I got the blue chambray. Was waiting for Rob to release one and bought it as soon as I learnt of its existence
Just received my O&J popover shirt. I love it - Rob really has done a fantastic job on these!
Jacket looks great, Jas. It never fit me like that so I had to sell it! You wear it well I'm not sure how common knowledge it is, but I used to work at Herringbone. I have a lot of their stuff. At least 50 shirts. I'm selling some in the coming days/weeks. Some of it is still new, and most of it is literally worn two-three times. Some of it is pre-Van Laack takeover days, too. At the moment, I've got a white oxford button down, slim fit, size L, BNWT - $50. Retail was...
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