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Mikhail Zenon should be able to help you out in Sydney
Are you pansies scared of a little dirt?
Sorry Lennier, no firsthand knowledge of having a jacket made, though I did look into it about three or four years ago and decided against it for a variety of reasons. I now own 4 leather jackets. I'd actually like to sell one, if anyone here is interested. It's a Ralph Lauren A-2 Bomber Jacket in brown, size M. I have worn this two or three times and its a fraction too tight. If anyone's interested, PM me.
So, this is not a French front? I suppose I still have a lot to learn.
Interesting you say that. As I am a recent Uni graduate, and spent a year working in a casual workplace environment, I have many coats that can be worn casually in cold weather, and a couple in wet weather. So, my experience has been the opposite of yours LachyZee.I don't like lugging around an umbrella when out, so sometimes just take to wearing hats A question for all, do your business shirts have a placket or not?
How are the other Melbourne SF members going with the change in weather? Perhaps a catch up is in order soon? As for the weather, I know I'll be pulling out the flannels very soon.
If only I knew how the Inca last fits my feet, I'd be the proud owner of Carmina. Despite all the information online, there are more misses than hits to be had when buying online without trying on first.
Watched the film Side Effects today. Enjoyed it. Also wore one of my six or seven "winter" jackets/coats with the change in Melbourne weather < I put this in here to be remotely SF-relevant, but really it's all about the Soderbergh film for me...
New Posts  All Forums: