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Who here owns Edward Green shoes?
Hahaha, I think I took a phone photo of that shop in Sydney too.
Always knew they were marked up - didn't realise it was to this extent!
Lenses are stupidly, and often, suspiciously cheap, in India. Never known why. Part of it, of course, is the strength of the AUD against the INR. Anyone have a detailed reason?
Not the Collection ones unfortunately, although Paolo was showing them to me. I went in around midday yesterday and the store was packed.I picked up a grey POW in cotton (unlined) and a heavy blue/grey flannel with peak lapels and a prominent chalkstripe - it was a one-off sample from last winter.
Bought two MJ Bale suits today.
Four votes for 9cm here.
Calories in vs out. Wow, who'd have thought?! LOL. That's how I lost weight.
Petepan - I would get calf instead of shell. I love shell, but for a classic black dress shoe, well-cared-for calf is more appealing, IMHO..
New Posts  All Forums: