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Oh, you're lucky man. Capital last doesn't fit me - I remember trying on an 8.5 and it fit well everywhere except the heel was very wide on me. That said, I think some of Beggar Man Thief's stock is offered in wide fittings, and so I may not have actually tried on an 'F' fitting.
Thanks CHECK. Not sure how much weight I've lost. It's probably the suit and the angle of the photo that gives that impression. I've still got a gut This suit is a 40R, and I used to wear a 42R before.
The Aldwych are on the "Capital" last. If you try a calf shoe on in the Capital last in the right size (length and width), then you'll know your size for sure. David Jones' Loake offering is mediocre IMO, so they may not have a point of direct comparison for you.
Had a wedding reception at Carousel in Albert Park on Sunday. This is me in the 'burbs of Melbourne in MJ Bale after I'd scoffed my face full of food
Haha, don't know about that. You're the first one to call me patient.I'm heading in to MJ Bale today to get a 50% linen, 50% merino navy herringbone suit.
LOL - yeah, if only.Ennb, head along to MJ Bale on George Parade in the city (behind the Grand Hyatt). They have a 2 for $1000 suiting offer. Tom or Paolo will be able to help guide you
Which C&Js, Manuhiri?
Anyone here a 42R in the Herringbone Osaka cut? Have a navy fully-canvassed brand new suit I'd like to part with.
A-Grade creep work going on here. In other news, I'm heading to MJ Bale all of a sudden.. LOL
Sales rep distracted you? I don't follow. Not sure about 6s, iSurg. I usually wear a 9UK or thereabouts and the styles I was looking at were sold out in that size. Oh well.
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