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Gerry, I prefer your old, old camera. The one with the pink Instagram filter built in
Check out Modi Steeze in Parliament.
Guys, hoping someone can please give me some assistance with this basic query. OCBDs, who's mastered the perfect collar roll, button cuff dimensions, etc. etc. and is willing to share their order number? I'd like to order, let's say, at least 100. Maybe 200.
Yep, Melbourne was pretty cold today. Classic Melbourne.
Foxhound, how did that Chore jacket turn out? Did you get it in the end? Any tips for others here who want to order one. Wouldn't mind one with some nice brass coloured aged buttons and some nicely faded denim.
A Movember Update: Thank you to Mr. Nice Guy Nelson for his generous donation. If you would like to support men's health initiatives (mental health, prostate and testicular cancer), please consider making a donation to mobro.co/tarang
When/where is this Wear for Success thing?
Nah, 50mL is $295.
Hey guys, a Movember update on Day 12: The hipster mo is coming along strongly thanks to Ebbets Field Flannel ballcaps, afternoon fair trade rainforest alliance certified espressos, and your donations! I've raised $605 so far, so thank you to those here who have made a donation. Please donate to support initiatives into men's mental health, prostate and testicular cancer research at mobro.co/tarang
New Posts  All Forums: