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6PM this Saturday (Vancouver Time). Upload the photo prior to leaving for your event That'll make it some time on Sunday for us folk here in Australia. And I think it'll work for the Brits and Europeans, too.
Guys, thanks for the votes in last week's Friday Challenge. Apparently the rules are that if you get the most votes, you pick the theme for the following week's challenge. If you'd like to enter this week, go here >> http://www.styleforum.net/t/394154/friday-challenge-ending-may-24-2014-vested-interest/0_50#post_7146581
Yes, Cleav et al, I have just put up the next Friday Challenge. The link is here - http://www.styleforum.net/t/394154/friday-challenge-ending-may-24-2014-vested-interest/0_50 The theme is "Vested Interest" and rules are in the first post!
Another week, another Friday Challenge.RulesThe rules for this challenge require you you wear a VEST of some kind.The rules are accommodating so that both CM and SW&D posters can participate, regardless of their current climate.There are many ways that this can be interpreted. For example, the vest could take the form of a gilet, worn over a blazer a la #Pitti #Menswear blogger, a waistcoat as part of a formal three-piece, or a thick puffer jacket with selvedge denim as...
^^ Wow, what a hat! I'm not entirely sure how this works (when voting ends), but I am humbled at the number of votes I have received! Thanks for organising this challenge - I've always had a fondness for wearing hats
I have a Billion 6800. Dunno about my modem, though..
I have all of the same things you've described Michael, but no one at work is giving me shit. I think just own it more/give less fucks and all will be G.
Thanks all, except Prince of Paisley. Happy now, Prince?
Thanks all for the support in the Friday Challenge thread! Humbled and overwhelmed!
I entered the Friday Challenge for the first time. Photos taken at CK's pop up in Melbourne yesterday.
New Posts  All Forums: