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Nice, PoP. Which Akubra model is that?
I've got a pair, and the pictures Luxire are posting are mine (probably). Will share some more comprehensive thoughts/some IRL pics soon.
Does anyone know if Luxire offers garment dyed chinos/pants/shorts?
I think that was when Gianni's thirst was at an all time high. I miss him, and his compliments.
Is that a backhand to someone else? If it's to me, it's unwarranted.I dunno man maybe he is, maybe he isn't. I don't him well enough to judge. Or, maybe it doesn't take much to be labelled as sexist, racist and/or homophobic in this day and age because a lot of people are.
Do people mind sharing their favourite button cuff configurations/specs? I find Luxire's 1 button cuff a bit uninteresting (it's too short), and I want to know what others have specified
I think you'll find that the correct term is 'compliments'.
Thrifter, good point re: the stretch fabrics!
Luxire, would you be able to make women's business shirts? My girlfriend has a difficult time finding shirts to her taste here in Australia, and I've recommend she try using you - provided you're able to offer such a service. She'll likely send in a shirt for replication, and suggest a few alterations to this pattern. With regard to pricing, would it be the same as the men's shirts, or would this differ for women's shirting? Appreciate your assistance with this!
New Posts  All Forums: