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I dunno, I can wear off white.
Clapeyron, which denim is that? Jeans look great!
Enjoy your Christmas and New Years, JM!
I am confirmed. Do we have 8?
Sounds perfect! It'll be all shorts over summer anyway! I'll get in touch in the New Year and lock in a time
Does anyone have pictures of this denim fabric being worn? http://luxire.com/products/broken-slub-selvage-jeans I'm considering ordering a pair
I already have Tuscan Leather, bro. Sorry!
What are the current TF Private Blend group buys that are running? I would be up for a distinctly summery scent
Boys - I need to come see you, I decided to put on a few kg's (muscle, of course) and need some trousers let out
These bags by Luxire look promising, and I am thinking of getting one made up. My fiance suggested something like a nice tote bag (or similar) as a Christmas present for me. Naturally, I won't be receiving one before then if I go MTO, but I'm looking at options. I've had a gut condition for over two years now, and I always carry a small bag with me when I'm not carrying my usual leather work bag, and this small bag carries the assortment of pills I need to take with me...
New Posts  All Forums: