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That MJ Bale jacket whatever-it-is is, straight up, some of the dumbest shit I've seen. It's not even the buttons. If it's double-breasted with open quarters, it better be a woman or I'm not interested.
So I guess it's true what they say about haircuts, looks like the mohawk has added an optical inch, maybe two..
Fantastic. Antonio, glad to have found this thread on the Forum. Big fan of Eidos Napoli from Melbourne, Australia.
Nice, PoP. Which Akubra model is that?
I've got a pair, and the pictures Luxire are posting are mine (probably). Will share some more comprehensive thoughts/some IRL pics soon.
Does anyone know if Luxire offers garment dyed chinos/pants/shorts?
I think that was when Gianni's thirst was at an all time high. I miss him, and his compliments.
Is that a backhand to someone else? If it's to me, it's unwarranted.I dunno man maybe he is, maybe he isn't. I don't him well enough to judge. Or, maybe it doesn't take much to be labelled as sexist, racist and/or homophobic in this day and age because a lot of people are.
Do people mind sharing their favourite button cuff configurations/specs? I find Luxire's 1 button cuff a bit uninteresting (it's too short), and I want to know what others have specified
New Posts  All Forums: