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Thanks Lachy!
Luxire, I've had the chance to wear my selvedge denim a couple of times now and I am very happy with how they turned out. They are truly fantastic for the price. I'll post fit pics and happy to answer any questions regarding specific details I asked for on these jeans. One question for Luxire - are you able to offer a service where you stonewash denim? I'd like a heavily faded pair of selvedge denim a la Baldwin's "California Wash"?
Never met a man with more thirst on his shoulders than FXH...
Hey Luxire, are they the jeans I ordered? Order # 7143?
Looking slick, Sliq!
Nice shoes. Are they Topy'd?
thanks JM, it's good to be in the city.
all this hat humour, it's all going straight over my head...
I don't come that easy, Gerry.
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