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I am aware.
It's all good, Nabil. It's Friday! And as talented R&B singer, and downright crazy person, R. Kelly, likes to say, "It's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun.."
LOL. Poor Foxhound. All of the struggles.
What was that thing Dart said about number of words and amounts of bullshit. I'm joking. Hope you find a suitable t-shirt brand bro
Sweater vest counts!
Appolyon, nice to see you here. Got bored on reddit, I imagine?
I think that's Uniqlo at Emporium. Not all Japanese are the same, NM I could be wrong and MUJI is now also open at Emporium, but why let facts get in the way..
Mine was placed on April 20 and shipped May 20. A single shirt with almost exact specs to a previous order. Not sure why it took so long the second time round but it's all good!
So LinkedIn suggests that I may know someone by the name of "Gianni Cerutti" .. Do I though? Does anyone really know him at all? Or the origin of his neckties?
Hope all turns out well, you've waited a while for this mate. My shirt ordered April 20, shipped yesterday, so should receive it early next week!
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