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What have we here, an IT thread that's also interested in clothes.. Hmm, guys where can I get the best slim fit hoodie in Melbourne? Not sure whether to go MTM. If it has a Topy that would be great.
This makes you sound like a f--king idiot, man. Seriously... Why?
Sunday coffee in Melbourne
You know a lot about getting laid?
And here I was thinking someone in this thread had finally referenced Sisqo's magnum opus, the Thong Song. Alas, I wait in vain.
Are you really tall man? They look like some long swim shorts.
This is what happens in my household several times a week: "I've been looking for some new jeans, but I can't seem to find any", says my girlfriend. "You should try Luxire hun, you know the shirt place I use?" "Oh yes, do they do women's shirts, too?" she says, feigning interest. Oblivious to her teasing I reply, "Yes, probably. I mean, on StyleForum it's mostly guys but I'm sure they could do it. Send in your well-fitting white shirt I got you and have them copy ...
This is solid award winning advice. To take it the extra mile, get a shitty haircut FTW. You know the classic slight mullet over the collar or a faux-hawk look.
Sometimes. But I'm in the public service, where tracksuit pants are mandatory, and collared shirts are optional. Hence, my tie often feels like a noose around my neck..
New Posts  All Forums: