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When is the next meet up? Is there one planned?
JM this morning
I'm not sure if this question got answered when I originally asked it, but has anyone replicated Liverano's BD collar?
Not sure if he posts here on SF also, but the man running the InVainVanity Tumblr is a perfect advertisement for Luxire.
They were fantastic until about 2010. 2009 they were hit and miss, but pre-2008 are all winners. Is that vintage already? MUCH THIRST ON THE SHOULDERS!!!
There used to be a time when they were truly fantastic. Ah, memories.
Thanks, JM. I went in, nothing special.
Does anyone know if herringbone is running one of those 25 per cent off the sale price promos at the moment?
I read in this review here - http://custom.luxire.com/products/light-blue-stripes-on-white - that this customer, whilst overall very pleased with his shirt, commented on the method by which the sleeve is attached to the shirt body. He said something about it being attached diagonally rather than straight. Can anyone comment on whether this is what Luxire does and the fit implications that follow? One of my shirt orders had an issue with the sleeves not sitting quite...
Luxire - is it possible to send you a jacket for style and general measurements, and then explain which measurements need to be changed from the original? I have some 40R jackets which fit superbly in the shoulders, but I need more room generally across my chest and torso.
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