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Thanks topos. I'm the same as you in that I like my cotton pants to fit slimmer in the leg, although in my case it's by a reasonable margin. For example, my wool trousers tend to have a 7.5 - 8" leg opening, while cotton can be as narrow as 6.5" across.
PapaRubbery, that would be fantastic.
Lachy and Jase, thank you both. Exactly the info I'm after, and Jase your reassurance is enough for me. Going to simply go off the current best fitting pair and make the odd tweak here and there. Will post pics once they arrive, but this will be a while as I'm yet to order!! Does anyone here have experience with the green twill trousers?
Hoping that someone can assist me with a question regarding the balance between front/back rise for trousers, as I intend to place my first order for a pair of trousers with Luxire. I am probably going to order the Amazon Green Twill to start. On all of my RTW trousers, they've been altered to fit slimmer in the leg. The end result is that the inseam tends to "pitch" forward (for lack of a better term. They look fine and the crease is perfectly in the middle, but when...
Don't know how much love for hats there is on this thread, but I want to share my opinion on the hats being worn by men in Australia on the internet. What's wrong about these hats is that if you're going to manually dismember a hat's brim to give the illusion of age and make it look more worn, relaxed, nonchalant, whatever, then you want to pinch the front a little, bash the crown around a bit (see what I did there?), and then make it look similarly worn. Otherwise the end...
Yeah, but Patrick will cos he's a tay-larhhh. TOPY!
That MJ Bale jacket whatever-it-is is, straight up, some of the dumbest shit I've seen. It's not even the buttons. If it's double-breasted with open quarters, it better be a woman or I'm not interested.
So I guess it's true what they say about haircuts, looks like the mohawk has added an optical inch, maybe two..
Fantastic. Antonio, glad to have found this thread on the Forum. Big fan of Eidos Napoli from Melbourne, Australia.
Nice, PoP. Which Akubra model is that?
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