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Hey PoP, did you end up getting the Brunswick jacket from MJ Bale? (Fully aware a PM would suffice here..)
We attended a wedding on Saturday March 28. The ceremony was in the gardens, followed by an evening reception. It was a less than formal affair and those attending wore an assortment of different things. Some wore ill-fitting rented tuxedos, while another attended in a red and white striped suit (with shorts) which looked, interesting. I wore a midnight navy with navy grenadine tie, white shirt, white Vanda lapel flower, black C&J Belgraves, and a white raw silk pocket...
Hoping someone can help. What are the different options Luxire currently offers for collar and cuff interlining and fusing? There are always different terms used here, e.g. light fusing with medium lining, etc. but it all starts to get a little confusing. My shirts bought elsewhere are always unfused, but due to the lining used, the collars always sit up straighter and hold up more than whatever lining options I'm currently asking Luxire for.
Heading to a wedding!
I'm going to a wedding on Saturday. Ceremony in Fitzroy Gardens and Reception is in CBD afterwards in the evening. Not sure where. Dress code is formal. What to wear?
I also agree with you on this. I don't even know what anything is anymore. Grenadine. Isn't that what they put in those Tequila Sunrises? Is it too early?
I agree with you on this, iSurg.
dat fitz pretti gud but...
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