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True, thank you that's what I plan to do
How come Luxire removed the front hip measurement when ordering trousers? I think it made a difference to getting trousers to fit well for all of us who have "pancake butt". I need more in the front and less in the back, nahmean..
When is the next meet up? Is there one planned?
JM this morning
I'm not sure if this question got answered when I originally asked it, but has anyone replicated Liverano's BD collar?
Not sure if he posts here on SF also, but the man running the InVainVanity Tumblr is a perfect advertisement for Luxire.
They were fantastic until about 2010. 2009 they were hit and miss, but pre-2008 are all winners. Is that vintage already? MUCH THIRST ON THE SHOULDERS!!!
There used to be a time when they were truly fantastic. Ah, memories.
Thanks, JM. I went in, nothing special.
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