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To anyone wanting a pair of dark green trousers, graphite green cotton is the way to go! Mine arrived today. In a word, fantastic. One or two minor fit tweaks are necessary, but Luxire have done a fantastic job. They look and feel like trousers 5 times the price! I'll be ordering more from the 235gms/8oz range for sure.
Poor JimmyHoffa. Takes himself too seriously, asks to be taken less seriously, so no-one takes him seriously. Makes his first joke on the forum, and he's taken too seriously. I mean, come on, seriously...
Nice man! My first pair of Luxire trousers. Ordered July 25, shipped August 1. Read and weep.
This is your last post in this regard? Thank you.
m.A.A.d city, or try here.
Thanks Jas. I have sent Luxire an email with an image of how this part of the jean has fallen apart. Perhaps this is an area Luxire can look into for greater QC on jeans going forward.
Disappointingly, the top buttonhole on my Luxire jeans is unravelling after less than 10 wears. Never had an issue with the workmanship on Luxire garments before.
In addition to CD's wares, I've got a brand new in box pair of C&J Handgrades in size 9UK. PM me an offer.
Thank you BrandonJG! It really was as simple as that? I'm going to do the same going forward. If anyone has any advice on the monogram question, would be keen to heart your experiences.
Has anyone given Luxire instructions on reducing the number of pleats/amount of fabric in the pleats on the sleeves, where they connect to the cuffs? Also, does anyone have Luxire put a monogram on their shirts? My last one was monogrammed and the letters were crooked, and stupidly big. It was disappointing, but these things happen.
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