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^^ Wow, what a hat! I'm not entirely sure how this works (when voting ends), but I am humbled at the number of votes I have received! Thanks for organising this challenge - I've always had a fondness for wearing hats
I have a Billion 6800. Dunno about my modem, though..
I have all of the same things you've described Michael, but no one at work is giving me shit. I think just own it more/give less fucks and all will be G.
Thanks all, except Prince of Paisley. Happy now, Prince?
Thanks all for the support in the Friday Challenge thread! Humbled and overwhelmed!
I entered the Friday Challenge for the first time. Photos taken at CK's pop up in Melbourne yesterday.
It's a hat-trick..
Nabil, killing it. What a legend.
Excellent as always, kayhill!
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