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My apologies, gentlemen. I had to reload the poll as it was not 6pm in Vancouver, BC. All is working now
Elton is essential for enjoyment of dance music.
Man, you're young.
Beats by Dre by Apple. WUT?!
I am aware.
It's all good, Nabil. It's Friday! And as talented R&B singer, and downright crazy person, R. Kelly, likes to say, "It's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun.."
LOL. Poor Foxhound. All of the struggles.
What was that thing Dart said about number of words and amounts of bullshit. I'm joking. Hope you find a suitable t-shirt brand bro
Sweater vest counts!
Appolyon, nice to see you here. Got bored on reddit, I imagine?
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