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Yep, I agree and know this, but as is often the case when you're in this kind of situation, part of you just wishes for a different answer... I won't be ordering any "matching" trousers because they simply won't match.
Does anyone know if Luxire has any black trouser fabrics, 85% wool, 15% mohair. I have a jacket for which I want trousers made up as close as possible. It feels like a bad idea...
What's a Ring Jacket? unnamedplayer, FTW!
Please. They don't even ask me if I want fries with that. They know.
JimmyH, chill out bro.
I been away a while, but I heard that there is an opportunity to give shit to Foxxy so I'm back.
Hey Luxire, do you have access to fleece fabrics similar to Nike 'Tech Fleece' - are MTM sweatpants a bit too much? Also, black waxed denim, or leather jogging pants? I'm not even joking...
What's that jacket, Margiela?
That's the one. I didn't even get a swatch when I ordered these, just took a gamble. I'll post a picture here when I wear the pants out!
New Posts  All Forums: