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Better get on that real quick.
I wear oxfords with jeans. Here are two examples from my Instagram (from 2013, and 2014):
Foxy, listen to wurger.
But seriously, Uniqlo are worth a look for socks.
Uniqlo for socks. The ribbed ones. For her pleasure.
PoP, wouldn't be surprised if we have one, or maybe more, of the same RTW jackets. I can't possibly wear them as well as you, but you can't stop me trying!
It's an interesting fabric, 100% wool but very stretchy almost - not necessarily for everyone but if your formal wear tends more on the casual side, then I think it'll do well.
I will buy it. Maybe later today if I get to the store before going to the Comedy Festival.
Thanks Ryan!
Does anyone here have shirts from SuitSupply?
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