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Today I got new shoes. Crockett & Jones Belgrave in black calf. They are very nice shoes, but I wish that I had no reason for them at all. They'll first be worn at the funeral of my beloved little sister Nikita. I can only hope to wear them in better times afterwards. She died tragically last Friday and my life will never be the same. Her story ran in yesterday's and today's Age newspaper in Melbourne and you can read it below.
I dunno, I can wear off white.
Clapeyron, which denim is that? Jeans look great!
Enjoy your Christmas and New Years, JM!
I am confirmed. Do we have 8?
Sounds perfect! It'll be all shorts over summer anyway! I'll get in touch in the New Year and lock in a time
Does anyone have pictures of this denim fabric being worn? http://luxire.com/products/broken-slub-selvage-jeans I'm considering ordering a pair
I already have Tuscan Leather, bro. Sorry!
What are the current TF Private Blend group buys that are running? I would be up for a distinctly summery scent
Boys - I need to come see you, I decided to put on a few kg's (muscle, of course) and need some trousers let out
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