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I ordered some 14oz denim recently with some pretty specific customisations. Hoping Luxire post pics before they send them out next week. If not, I'll post some pics for all here.
What time exactly, Gerry? I finish work at 8.31am.
I don't remember pissing on your chukkas.
SELLING Carmina Inca Last Size 9 burgundy calf brogues. PM me if interested. Worn three times.
Hey guys, looks good. Sanforized, therefore minimal shrinkage? Or is this unsanforized?
Anyone here in Melbourne with political connections that can get me in touch with Minister for Women, Fiona Richardson? If so, please PM me.
Hey Luxire, do you have options for jean rivets that aren't so "chunky"? While it's nice to know they're the heaviest hand-hammered copper rivets (or something along those lines), I'd personally prefer something a little cleaner like everyone else seems to use.
The extra length is a bonus.
Something you wrote on SF drove me to anger.
I should add, there's also some repair work necessary on one of the temples, and the guy said he'd ordinarily charge less for the condition my specs were otherwise in.
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