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Do people mind sharing their favourite button cuff configurations/specs? I find Luxire's 1 button cuff a bit uninteresting (it's too short), and I want to know what others have specified
I think you'll find that the correct term is 'compliments'.
Thrifter, good point re: the stretch fabrics!
Luxire, would you be able to make women's business shirts? My girlfriend has a difficult time finding shirts to her taste here in Australia, and I've recommend she try using you - provided you're able to offer such a service. She'll likely send in a shirt for replication, and suggest a few alterations to this pattern. With regard to pricing, would it be the same as the men's shirts, or would this differ for women's shirting? Appreciate your assistance with this!
You are right but also wrong. I have blindly bought glasses online.* With success. I see what I did there...
Hey bro what colour is it and have you got measurements? If it doesn't fit me, it may fit GN.
Thanks Lachy!
Luxire, I've had the chance to wear my selvedge denim a couple of times now and I am very happy with how they turned out. They are truly fantastic for the price. I'll post fit pics and happy to answer any questions regarding specific details I asked for on these jeans. One question for Luxire - are you able to offer a service where you stonewash denim? I'd like a heavily faded pair of selvedge denim a la Baldwin's "California Wash"?
Never met a man with more thirst on his shoulders than FXH...
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