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Yeah, Barrie, Tremont and Grant last you size down by half. Almost all other lasts you stay the same. Plaza is the most "elegant" of Alden's lasts with a soft, square toe, while Barrie is rounder. Hampton is a nice middle ground. Also note that the Aberdeen last has a very narrow toe area (used for their tassel loafer).
It's still cheaper than paying for shipping..
OMFG CALIBRE. It is. THE WORST.Everything you have said about Herringbone is correct here. I was working there while this happened. It was/is very sad.
I tend to reserve those words for describing women, and Ryan Gosling, but that's a very nice vest.
Autumn is beginning in Melbourne. This is #WIWT on Sunday.
Sartre walks into a shop and asks for a suit with soft shoulders. The shopkeeper says, "We're out of soft shoulders, how about a suit with no padding?"
I guess that makes it Melbourne - 2939389383, Sydney - 2. Plus, we have Garry.
Good call. I have tried dressing right for ages, but I lean to the left.
Insightful post, Foxhound! Cheers.
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