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Wear whatever you want. YOLO, SWAG. Do not take my advice. Or do, YOLO.
Dat hair tho
Nice one mate!
Hats look great, do they have a snap brim so you can wear the front either up or down?
Hey guys - saw that Jared posted a picture of a panama hat that you guys now stock? Can you please share more details
AND, do you have any leather patches for your jeans? Maybe like a sueded patch like the RRL selvedge?
Luxire, can you stonewash denim? Can Luxire stonewash denim? Does someone know the answer to the above?
Thanks everyone for the well wishes! iSurg, sorry to hear of what you've been through, but glad to hear you're now on the mend.
Wanted to share some news: I got engaged on Sunday!
Gerry, so hansum.
New Posts  All Forums: