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Hey guys, I have been invited to give an important speech to the lower house of Victorian Parliament on Thursday about men's violence against women. The UN uses the colour orange to mark events relating to the elimination of violence against women. I have picked up one of Jason's peach linen/silk blend ties to wear. Thanks to Jas for quickly arranging to have the tie sent to me before Thursday
CD, how's the moustache looking? Well done on doing Movember - very valuable cause. This is the first year in 9 years I haven't done it, so feels a little odd. Hope you got inspiration from my 2013 effort?
I have a little over $600 in vouchers for MJ Bale. There's nothing I need specifically and haven't been to the shops in months. Has anyone been in recently and seen anything good?
A couple of different looks: From a wedding last weekend. My friends and I do this pose on an all too regular basis. What I'm wearing and when I got it: Sunglasses: Tom Ford (2008) Suit: Herringbone (2008) Shirt: MJ Bale (last Thursday) Tie: Herringbone (2011) Shoes: Crockett & Jones (2013) Lapel Pin: Vanda (2011) PS: Herringbone (2010) Casual clothes
This morning I went to a cafe called 'Journeyman' and then to PJohnson Tailors. These are the StyleForum things I did today.
Hey guys, Carmina Inca last burgundy calf semi-brogue for grabs, size 9UK. Mine have been worn 4 or 5 times so uppers are like new and soles have the slightest of wear. They are not needed in my wardrobe. Comes with original box, spare laces, Carmina shoe bags, etc. Please PM me for more. I'm Melbourne-based, but will post anywhere in Aus.
Hey guys. Who's the best contact for SuitShop Melbourne as I was told Matt Newman no longer works for them.
I recognise these jeans.
Dat collar! LuxireStudio, please put up pics of the jeans I ordered!
I just got shipping confirmation for my jeans. I wonder if they'll put pics up here before they arrive.
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