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Hey hey - hoping someone can please assist ... I'm after the thread/seller with Tom Ford Private Blend decants.
He is not brown, man.
Anyone interested in Carmina Inca last brown calf double monks, size 9UK, PM me. Worn about 10 times, now they just sit in the box waiting for a better home
Is there a new, second thread because we Aussies done typed too much in the first one? Bloody brilliant. #BreakTheInternet
I have benefitted from Foxy's shoe sizing mistakes. He had to sell them to someone, but more importantly, I got to meet a great guy and make a good friend
Who's flashing who?
Hey guys, I spoke at Parliament House Victoria this morning as part of 'Victoria Against Violence'. For those who are interested, read the transcript of my speech online.
Balnaring Holdings Pty Ltd is bringing legal action against Van Laack Australia Pty Ltd tomorrow in the Supreme Court of Victoria. I know nothing else about this. Speculate on shirt prices, cutaway collars and button vs double cuffs as you please.
Christmas tree goes up when my Diwali tree comes down.
Hey guys, I have been invited to give an important speech to the lower house of Victorian Parliament on Thursday about men's violence against women. The UN uses the colour orange to mark events relating to the elimination of violence against women. I have picked up one of Jason's peach linen/silk blend ties to wear. Thanks to Jas for quickly arranging to have the tie sent to me before Thursday
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