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What's a Ring Jacket? unnamedplayer, FTW!
Please. They don't even ask me if I want fries with that. They know.
JimmyH, chill out bro.
I been away a while, but I heard that there is an opportunity to give shit to Foxxy so I'm back.
Hey Luxire, do you have access to fleece fabrics similar to Nike 'Tech Fleece' - are MTM sweatpants a bit too much? Also, black waxed denim, or leather jogging pants? I'm not even joking...
What's that jacket, Margiela?
That's the one. I didn't even get a swatch when I ordered these, just took a gamble. I'll post a picture here when I wear the pants out!
To anyone wanting a pair of dark green trousers, graphite green cotton is the way to go! Mine arrived today. In a word, fantastic. One or two minor fit tweaks are necessary, but Luxire have done a fantastic job. They look and feel like trousers 5 times the price! I'll be ordering more from the 235gms/8oz range for sure.
Poor JimmyHoffa. Takes himself too seriously, asks to be taken less seriously, so no-one takes him seriously. Makes his first joke on the forum, and he's taken too seriously. I mean, come on, seriously...
Nice man! My first pair of Luxire trousers. Ordered July 25, shipped August 1. Read and weep.
New Posts  All Forums: