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Hey bro what colour is it and have you got measurements? If it doesn't fit me, it may fit GN.
Thanks Lachy!
Luxire, I've had the chance to wear my selvedge denim a couple of times now and I am very happy with how they turned out. They are truly fantastic for the price. I'll post fit pics and happy to answer any questions regarding specific details I asked for on these jeans. One question for Luxire - are you able to offer a service where you stonewash denim? I'd like a heavily faded pair of selvedge denim a la Baldwin's "California Wash"?
Never met a man with more thirst on his shoulders than FXH...
Hey Luxire, are they the jeans I ordered? Order # 7143?
Looking slick, Sliq!
Nice shoes. Are they Topy'd?
thanks JM, it's good to be in the city.
all this hat humour, it's all going straight over my head...
New Posts  All Forums: